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Bruno Kaufmann, President of IRI Europe
IRI Europe or the Initiative and Referendum Institute Europe describes itself as "a transnational think-tank dedicated to research and education on the procedures and practices of modern direct democracy" and as "part of the emerging global network of IRI-think tanks." It was founded in 2001.

Headquartered in Marburg, Germany, IRI Europe also has offices in Brussels, Belgium and Bülach, Switzerland.

In 2008, IRI Europe produced a 258-page "Guidebook to Direct Democracy in Switzerland and Beyond."[1]

In 2010, IRI Europe is sponsoring a Briefing Tour to Switzerland for American direct democracy opinion leaders, journalists and election administrators.


IRI Europe has sponsored two global forums on direct democracy. The first was in Aarau, Switzerland in October 2008. The second was in Seoul, Korea in September 2009.

A third global conference is planned for San Francisco from August 2-4, 2010. This conference takes "Constitution Making and Direct Democracy" as its theme. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gavin Newsom have been invited as keynote speakers.[2]

Executive board

  • Bruno Kaufmann, Falun/Sweden (President)
  • Zoë Felder, Marburg/Germany (Head of Office)
  • Adrian Schmid, Lucerne/Switzerland (Treasurer/Media Relations)
  • Martin Bühler, Bülach/Switzerland (Secretary General)
  • Carsten Berg, Brussels/Belgium (Representative to the EU/Media Relations)
  • MP Andreas Gross, St.Ursanne/Switzerland (Research Director)

Board members

  • Rolf Büchi, Helsinki/Finland (Educational Secretary)
  • M Dane Waters, Birmingham/US (Chairman IRI US)
  • Benjamin Ewert, Giessen/Germany (Political Scientist)
  • Lukas Jaggi, Bern/Switzerland (Editor/Web Project Manager)
  • Nils Ehlers, Berlin/Germany (Political Scientist)
  • MP Heidi Hautala, Helsinki/Finland (Councillor)
  • Paul Carline, Edinburgh/Scotland (Language Editor)

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