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Each state varies slightly in the procedures used to gain access to public documents. This article serves to describe specifically the steps used in Idaho. To read the history and details of Idaho’s sunshine laws please see Idaho Public Records Act

How to request public records in Idaho

The act is unclear as to whom to direct records requests to, but merely indicates that requests should be sent to the department in possession of the records and not a specific records custodian within that department.

Purpose and use

The act does not require a statement of purpose for records requests but does limit the use of records by preventing the creation of calling or mailing lists using information found in public records.

Who may request public records?

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Any person may request public records in Idaho. "Every person has a right to examine and take a copy of any public record of this state"[1]


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Fees can include duplication costs whether paper or digital[2] as well as fees associated with cost of the staff time consumed by the search[2]

Response time

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The PRA requires a department to respond within three business days to any request by either granting it or denying it. If the department feels that the request may take longer they may extend the time to ten days by notifying the person in writing[2].

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