Idaho Senate Bill 1191 (2013)

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Idaho Senate Bill 1191 (2013)
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Legislature:Idaho Legislature
Text:SB 1191
Sponsor(s):State Affairs Committee
Legislative History
Introduced:March 22, 2013
State house:March 28, 2013
State senate:March 25, 2013
Governor:Butch Otter
Legal Environment
State law:Laws governing the initiative
process in Idaho
Code:Elections Code: Initiative and Referendum
Section:Title 34 Ch. 18

Idaho Senate Bill 1191 was introduced by the State Affairs Committee on March 22, 2013. It was approved in the Senate by a vote of 33 for, 1 against and 1 neutral. In the House it was approved with 63 "yes" votes, 5 "no" votes and 2 "other." The bill changed the laws for initiatives concerning petition form, signatures requirements and circulator requirements.[1][2]


According to the National Conference of State Legislatures website Senate Bill 1191:

1. Amends petition format requirements: designation of legislative district must be marked "for official use only."

2. Removes requirement that each petition sheet contain only signatures from one legislative district; retains requirement that they contain signatures from only one county.

3. Removes from circulator oath language pertaining to the legislative district of signers; adds certification that circulator believes each signer noted his/her address correctly.[3][4]

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