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Taxpayer-funded lobbying is government to government lobbying. counties, cities, school districts, public facilities, and associations of public employees frequently use public funds to influence legislation and appropriations at the state and federal levels.

This practice is controversial because public funds are spent to lobby for an agenda not subject to direct approval by voters, and outcomes may be contrary to taxpayers' benefit.

School lobbying

Basin School District #72 Chairman Ken Gordon and Superintendent John McFarlane attended a superintendent’s meeting pertaining to the future lack of Forest Funds. A coalition, the Idaho Association of National Forest Schools, was formed to lobby the Legislature regarding the diminishing Forest Funds and the importance of these funds to school districts.[1]


The Hailey City Council passed a series of measures to water down its laws against marijuana use in 2007. These measures required city officials to lobby for reform of marijuana laws statewide.[2]

Taxpayer-funded lobbying associations

The following is a list of Idaho government sector lobbying associations by type: