Idaho Gubernatorial election, 2014

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Idaho Gubernatorial Election

Primary Date
May 20, 2014

General Election Date:
November 4, 2014

Incumbent prior to election:
Butch Otter Republican Party

Idaho State Executive Elections
Top Ballot
Governor Lieutenant GovernorSecretary of StateAttorney General
Down Ballot
Treasurer, Controller, Superintendent

Current trifecta for Republicans
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State executive offices in Idaho
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The Idaho gubernatorial election will take place on November 4, 2014. Incumbent Butch Otter (R) is eligible for re-election, as Idaho has no gubernatorial term limits. The winner of the election will serve a 4-year term in office.

Idaho is one of 21 states with a mixed primary system. Parties decide who may vote. The Democratic Party allows unaffiliated voters to vote in their primary. The Republican Party allows only voters registered with their party. Unaffiliated voters can choose to affiliate with a party on election day, but they will be bound to that party at the next election as well.[1]


General Election Candidates

Lost in the Primary

Primary Election Results

  • Republican primary
Governor of Idaho, Republican Primary, 2014
Candidate Vote % Votes
Green check mark transparent.pngButch Otter Incumbent 51.4% 79,786
Russell Fulcher 43.6% 67,702
Harley D. Brown 3.3% 5,084
Walt Bayes 1.8% 2,761
Total Votes 155,333
Election Results Via:Idaho Secretary of State. Vote totals above are unofficial and reflect 100% precincts reporting.
  • Democratic primary
Governor of Idaho, Democratic Primary, 2014
Candidate Vote % Votes
Green check mark transparent.pngA.J. Balukoff 65.3% 16,753
Terry Kerr 34.7% 8,890
Total Votes 25,643
Election Results Via:Idaho Secretary of State. Vote totals above are unofficial and reflect 100% precincts reporting.


On May 14, 2014, a televised debate between the Republican gubernatorial primary candidates - two-term incumbent Gov. Butch Otter, Idaho Senator Russ Fulcher, Walt Bayes and Harley Brown - was aired on Idaho Public Television.[8][9] The debate centered on fairly common conservative themes like wresting control of Idaho lands from the federal government, fighting both abortion and Obamacare and supporting blue-collar ways to fix the state's troubled economy. But the predictability of issues raised in the debate was belied by a relentless stream of highly improbable responses by Bayes and Brown, whose deliberately politically incorrect proclamations on discrimination and abortion, among virtually every topic addressed, shifted the gravity of the event by several orders of magnitude. Bayes, an elderly ex-convict and staunch anti-abortionist with a beard full of bible snippets, and Brown, an engineer/biker with a colorful self-titled patois that necessitated a 30 second delay in the debate's broadcast, behaved in an unrestrained manner that visibly flustered the moderator as well as the panel of representatives from Idaho's top news publications who came to question the candidates in person.[9] Standing side-by-side on the left, the scandalizing presence of Bayes and Brown provoked a startling contrast with the uniformed polish of Otter and Fulcher, standing side-by-side on the right and appearing likewise absurd at times, given the circumstances and blended company. The stage configuration gave the impression they were split into two teams rather than four candidates competing individually.[10]

Ninth Idaho GOP Gubernatorial Primary Debate - 5/14/14

Not only in Idaho, the debate drew massive viewership and media coverage for offering the public a rare opportunity: To witness at close range a collision between two apparently estranged classes of democratic characters, with entitled electors on one side and professional politicians on the other. Although most of the attention surrounding the debate focused on the wild-mannered half of the May 20 GOP primary ballot rather than the other, viable, names, it served as a platform for Otter and Fulcher to reach a wider audience with their campaign messages. For example, Otter used his time to remind voters about his successes in the governor's office over the last roughly eight years, crediting himself with leading the state out of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, lowering taxes while balancing the budget as well as reducing the size of the state government. "I'm honored to have been through the refining fire with you, and I'm excited about continuing to face the challenges of today and tomorrow," Otter stated. Fulcher, meanwhile, was able to promote his plan to set up a free-market health care alternative and restore Idaho's financial and land sovereignty by better utilizing the state's natural resources and expanding related state-based industries. He also condemned Otter's leadership over the economy and his navigation of the state's implementation of Obamacare.[10]

Summing up the roster of debaters seeking the GOP gubernatorial nomination in the May 20 primary, Brown said: "Folks, you have a choice: A cowboy, a curmudgeon, a biker or a normal guy. Take your pick."[10]

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