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The Illinois Association of School Boards is the Illinois state chapter of the National School Boards Association, a government sector lobbying association. The organization exists to provide knowledge, skills and resources to members for them to become effective school leaders.[1] Ninety-eight percent of Illinois public school districts are members of the Association, which includes nearly 6,000 elected school board members.[1]

Taxpayer-funded lobbying

See also: Illinois government sector lobbying

The Illinois Association of School Boards has a registered lobbyist with the state of Illinois.[2] Local governments, like Peoria County, pay membership dues to the association.[3]

Income and expenses

Illinois Association of School Boards
Year Total expenses Total income Membership dues
(included in total income)
2008[4] $10,792,463 $9,158,950 $3,296,727
2007[5] $9,089,995 $8,548,091 $3,158,178
2006[6] $6,406,513 $8,561,253 $2,990,534

Note: Tax years begin July 1 and end June 30.


Field services

The association has six field service directors that serve 21 geographic regions or "divisions." Field Service Directors are the primary staff contacts responsible for communicating with member district school boards and school board members, particularly regarding:[1]

  • Division meetings
  • Fall 2008 dinner meetings
  • Board training
  • Master board member program
  • LeaderShop Academy
  • Awards and Ppaques

School development and administrative services

The organization offers education to its members in the form of several programs, literature and conferences.[1]

The association helps member districts with a recruiting service when hiring a superintendent or other key administrators.[1] IASB also provides policy services such as customizing policy manuals and administrative procedures for school districts.[1] Another resource available is searchable directories of members, events, and other sources of information.[1]

School law resources

IASB staff works to provide member school districts with information on legal issues.[1]

Governmental relations

As stated in the "Services" section of the Illinois Association of School Boards site, "Much of the Association's direct lobbying of state government is carried out through the Illinois Statewide School Management Alliance, a coalition consisting of four state organizations involved in school management. The Association also has an active Delegate Assembly, in which member districts propose and vote on resolutions that help establish the Association's stand on public policy issues. Advocacy tools and publications include the following:[1]

  • Alliance legislative reports
  • IASB position statements
  • IASB beliefs
  • House and Senate committees
  • No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act
  • Other legislative resources"


IASB's Communications Department is responsible for publishing and maintaining a wide variety of books, periodicals, and other literature.[1] These include topics such as new board member surveys, finance election data and child nutrition issues.[1]

IASB member school districts have access to a number of programs offered to districts through pooling or trust arrangements, often governed by the districts themselves.[1] Participating programs include:

  • Liquid asset fund
  • Unemployment claims control
  • Illinois Energy Consortium
  • Illinois School-Based Medicaid Claiming Program
  • Insurance - property-casualty and workers compensation
  • Drug and alcohol testing services

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