Illinois Gov. and Lt. Gov. candidates to run together in primaries

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July 12, 2010

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois: Effective January 2011, same party candidates for governor and lieutenant governor will be required to run jointly in the state's primary elections. Currently, candidates are nominated separately and then joined together for the general election ballot in November. The new legislation was sponsored by Rep. Lou Lang and Sen. Kwame Raoul. Gov. Pat Quinn signed the bill on Saturday, July 10. Legislation sponsors argue that the bill will help ensure that candidates have similar values and would be capable of working well together.[1] "Illinoisians deserve to have their governor and lieutenant governor working together as a unified team to serve in the best interest of the people. By allowing a gubernatorial candidate to choose his or her running mate for lieutenant governor, voters will be able to vote for a team, rather than two completely different individuals," said Quinn.[2]

According to reports, the legislation comes after Scott Lee Cohen won the lieutenant governor nomination for 2010 but then was forced to drop his candidacy after personal scandals surfaced. He has since announced that he is running for governor as an independent.[3]

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