Illinois House approves bill to change position of candidates on ballot

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June 15, 2012


By Johanna Herman

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois: The Illinois House of Representatives and the Illinois Senate have both approved the bill HB5203 which seeks to initiate a lottery system to place candidates on the ballot. Those vying for spots on the ballot have been known to turn in their candidate forms at the last moment so as to be the last one listed on the ballot sheet, a spot many want to be in. This has caused problems though with election officials because often candidates waiting miss the deadline or multiple candidates filing near the deadline and not sure who was ahead of who in filing.[1] The bill which was approved on May 25, sets further deadlines for candidate filing and procedures for candidates who file at the same time. Election officials hope that this bill with help ensure candidates will not miss deadlines and placement on the ballot will be more clear.[2]

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