Illinois House passes measure to change campaign finance laws

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May, 31, 2012


SPRINGFIELD, Illinois: The Illinois House of Representatives passed a measure which rolls back the campaign finance laws, allowing for higher contributions to be made to gubernatorial, legislative, judicial or municipal campaigns whenever a Super PAC makes a donation against a candidate. The measure was supported by Barbara Flynn Currie and passed the House with a vote of 63 to 55. It now goes to the Illinois Senate for their vote. Several finance watchdog groups noted that they disproved of the measure, others noted as well that this measure would put holes in the current state campaign finance law which was adopted three years ago. As the measure stands, candidates would be able to ignore contribution limits if an independent committee or individual gave $250,000 or more to a statewide candidate or $100,000 or more to a lower-ballot candidate. Arguments in favor of the measure note that this would be a defense against the power Super PACs have now been given.[1]

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