Illinois Seventh Judicial Circuit Court

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The Illinois Seventh Judicial Circuit Court is a circuit court in Illinois that presides over the counties of Greene, Jersey, Macoupin, Morgan, Sangamon and Scott.[1]

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Zappa, Jr. vacancy
CandidateIncumbencyPartyPrimary VoteElection Vote
MadoniaJohn M. Madonia NoRepublican67.2%ApprovedA   
GrayKent Gray NoRepublican32.8% 
Unopposed  Judge Chris E. Reif (Mitchell vacancy)
JudgeElection Vote
DayJames W. Day 77.9% ApprovedA


CandidateIncumbencyPartyPredecessorPrimary VoteElection Vote
CherryDavid R. Cherry   ApprovedANoRepublicanVacancy of Lois Bell51.15%ApprovedA58.4%   ApprovedA
PistoriusEric S. Pistorius   ApprovedAYes   ApprovedA
CoonrodJohn D. Coonrod    NoDemocraticVacancy of Lois Bell100%ApprovedA41.6%   DefeatedD
John Schmidt   ApprovedAYesRepublicanVacancy of Thomas Appleton100%ApprovedA54.3%   ApprovedA
BelzJohn W. Belz   ApprovedAYes   ApprovedA
DeihlKenneth R. Deihl   ApprovedAYes   ApprovedA
GravesLeslie J. Graves   ApprovedAYes   ApprovedA
KelleyPatrick W. Kelley   ApprovedAYes   ApprovedA
LondriganTim Londrigan    NoDemocraticVacancy of Thomas Appleton100%ApprovedA45.7%   DefeatedD