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Illinois Sheriff's Association is a government sector lobbying association in Illinois. The association was founded in 1928 with the purpose to create better communication and cooperation between sheriffs and encourage more professional training and growth.[1]

Over the years, the ISA has expanded its goals and objectives to include training and development for sheriffs and their support teams.

Taxpayer-funded lobbying

See also: Illinois government sector lobbying

Illinois Sheriff's Association has a registered lobbyist with Illinois.[2] Local governments, like Sangamon County, Illinois, pay membership dues to the association.

Income and expenses

Illinois Sheriff's Association
Year Total expenses Total income Membership dues
(included in total income)
2008[3] $1,310,717 $1,041,144 $908,147
2007[4] $1,426,811 $1,401,886 $1,003,737
2006[5] $1,547,178 $1,312,481 $857,179


The association offers several programs.[6] Training programs exist to help to train administrative sheriffs' staffs.[7] The association provides education in the form of conferences, as well, which serve as a means for sheriffs to share information.[8][9] Also, the Illinois Sheriff's Association provides several programs for youth. It sponsors scholarships for students exhibiting "outstanding scholastic, extra-curricular and character qualifications."[10][11] Through such scholarships, the association also sponsors 60 Illinois students to attend the Illinois Teenage Institute on Substance Abuse (ITI) and in 2010, it awarded more than $53,000.[12]


The association is vocal about its support of "tasers" as a non-lethal alternative to other means of defense.[13]


The Illinois Sheriff's Association tracks crime trends across the state. For example, it stated in 2010 that crime is lower in communities with strong pre-K programs.[14]

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