Illinois civil union law faces opposition, petition drive launched

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May 31, 2011


SPRINGFIELD, Illinois: A new civil unions law is scheduled to go into effect on Wednesday, June 1, 2011. Opponents are not pleased. Just days prior to the new law, same-sex marriage opponents initiated a petition drive to qualify an advisory question for the Illinois 2012 ballot.[1]

The new law will give same-sex couples the same state rights as a married man and wife. The state is scheduled to begin issuing licenses for civil unions on June 1.[2]

The proposed advisory measure asks if same-sex marriage and marriage-like rights should be banned. If sufficient signatures are collected the advisory question would appear on the 2012 statewide ballot. If approved by voters, the proposed constitutional amendment would be reviewed and voted on by the state legislature. If approved by officials the question will return to voters for a final vote.[1]

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