Illinois counties clean up voter rolls for November election

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September 27, 2012


SPRINGFIELD, Illinois: Counties in Illinois have begun to clean up their voter rolls for the November election in the hopes that the county governments will have a better idea of who still lives there and is eligible to vote. Alexander and Massac counties together culled more than 4,000 people from their rolls for reasons such as death or moving out of the area. The head of the Illinois State Board of Elections stated that having clean rolls ensures a slimmer chance for voter fraud, he also stated that fraud is not a big issue in the state but regardless clean rolls help to have a better view of voters in each county. Most counties try to clean their voter rolls every other year, though some counties struggling financially have put off cleaning their rolls for several years. The State Board was able to help both Alexander and Massac counties with postage to confirm voter's locations in the counties. Another county, Pulaski, also needed to purge their rolls but were unable to finish by the August deadline so they have to wait till after the November election.[1]

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