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Illinois state budget (2012-2013)

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Governor Pat Quinn signed the state's $33.7 billion FY2013 budget into law on June 30, 2012, after vetoing $57 million in spending approved by the Illinois General Assembly.[1]

As of July 2012, Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka said the state had a backlog of 160,000 bills to be paid totaling $8 billion.[2]

Highlights of the FY 2013 state budget:

  • 15 percent of the budget money spent went toward pensions;[3]
  • K-12 education lost $210 million from the state and with reductions in federal funds included, the reduction tops $855 million.[4]
  • Eliminated the Illinois Cares RX program.[5]

State debt

The state government had $58 billion in direct debt, two-thirds of which consisted of bonds the government issued to cover retirement payments for workers, including a $10 billion pension obligation bond that broke all previous records in 2003. Despite the borrowing, the total pension shortfall was conservatively estimated at $85 billion by some.[6] The state faces total debt of $271,111,148,000 according to a State Budget Solutions study.[7]

Legislative proposed budget

On May 31, 2012 the Illinois State Senate passed a $29.36 billion budget along party lines and sent the spending plan to the governor's desk. The spending plan was up one-tenth of one percent from the current budget. In the new budget education spending declined by nearly four percent, child welfare by almost seven percent and corrections by more than three percent. The Illinois Department of Transportation received $1.6 billion in bonding authority for highway and transit projects.[8]

The proposal reduced state spending by $317 million, or a little under two percent.[9]

The legislative proposal would have paid $1.3 billion of the state's roughly $9 billion backlog in unpaid bills, whereas the governor's proposal did not make such payments.[9]

Illinois lawmakers projected that state revenues would be $33.7 billion in fiscal year 2013, which started July 1, 2012. The state had between $6 billion and $8.5 billion in overdue bills.[10]

Governor's proposed budget

Gov. Pat Quinn presented his $33.8 billion fiscal year 2013 budget on February 22, 2012.[11] The full text of the speech can be found here.

The governor's budget increased spending by 1.5 percent.[12] The governor did not specify many cuts, saying instead he would work with lawmakers to draft solutions for issues such as pension reform, Medicaid reform and closing corporate loopholes.[13] Republicans were frustrated by the governor's lack of detail.[14] Quinn put the onus on a bipartisan group of legislators formed to look at the state’s pension mess to submit a report to him with specific recommendations by April 17, 2012.[12]

Gov. Quinn claimed that his proposed budget was smaller than FY 2012, while Republicans argued that the budget had in fact grown larger than the previous year's. Quinn's budget spent $425 million less in agency funding than the FY 2012 budget, but overall the governor's proposed budget spent $50 million more the previous year and $3.4 billion more than five years previously.[15]

The governor's budget cut projected Medicaid spending by $2.7 billion and closed several state facilities.[16][17] The Department of Corrections and the Department of Children and Family Services were to consolidate offices with a total of 59 facilities impacted.[18][12]

The governor proposed cuts of nine percent to every constitutional office and state department except education and the state police.[19] Not all state officials endorsed the nine percent cuts to their agencies. The attorney general said her office hadn't recovered from a 25 percent budget cut in 2006 and that staff lawyers hadn't gotten raises in six years.[20]

When giving the State of the State Address on February 1, 2012, the governor said that he wanted to increase college scholarships, spend more on preschool and lower taxes on natural gas, but he did not discuss possible sources of funds for his plans.[21]

Increased Expenses

The state was likely to pay more in many areas in FY 2013. The state's retirement systems released a report in November 2011 projecting that the state's pension payment would increase $5.9 billion for FY 2013, $1 billion more than it was in FY 2012. Medicaid costs were also expected to rise, and lawmakers were seeking $490 million in additional funding from the state.[22] On June 14, 2012, the governor signed into law $1.6 billion in health care and Medicaid cuts and a $1 per pack cigarette tax increase, which Gov. Quinn said was necessary to bring the system back from the brink of collapse.[23]


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