In Arkansas State Senate, more Democrats than Republicans feel impact of term limits

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September 2, 2010

By Jackie Arthur

In 1992, Arkansas voters enacted state legislative term limits as an initiated constitutional amendment. In 2010, Arkansas state Senate term limits will affect more Democrats than they will Republicans.

There are 35 Arkansas state senators. Thirteen senators (37%) are term limited in 2010. Twelve Democrats -- Barbara Horn, Bob Johnson, Bobby Glover, Ed Wilkinson, Hank Wilkins, John Paul Capps, Michael Broadway, Paul Miller, Steve Bryles, Steve Faris, Terry Smith, and Tracy Steele -- are ineligible to run. Denny Altes is the only Arkansas Senate Republican affected by term limits this year.

Arkansas Senate Democrats currently hold a 19-seat majority. Come November, tables may be turned when Democrats lose 12 seats, closing the gap to an eight-seat majority.

Party As of May 2015
     Democratic Party 11
     Republican Party 24
Total 35

Louis Jacobson, a staff writer for PolitiFact, did an early-season analysis of which state legislatures may change majority party control as the result of the November elections. Jacobson states that though the GOP may pick up a few seats in the state Senate, they won't be enough to seriously threaten the Democratic stronghold.[1]

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