In Colorado House of Representatives, Democrats are hit by term limits

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August 11, 2010

Michael Merrifield, who is ineligible to run for Colorado House of Representatives District 18 because of term limits. Merrifield has held the seat since 2003.

By Justin Voeks

Colorado was among the first states to enact state legislative term limits when its voters approved the Colorado Term Limits Act in 1990. In the 2010 elections for the Colorado House of Representatives, these term limits will affect incumbent Democratic representatives more than their Republican counterparts.

Members of the Colorado House are limited to four two-year terms. In 2010, seven Democrats have reached this limit and are ineligible to run for re-election. These representatives are Jerry Frangas, Joel Judd, John Pommer, Liane (Buffie) McFadyen, Michael Merrifield, Paul Weissmann, and Terrance Carroll. Meanwhile, only one Republican representative, Mike May is unable to run for re-election due to term limits.

Democrats hold a 10-seat advantage over Republicans going into the November 2 election, but the Republicans' chances of taking control of the chamber may be helped by the fact that Democrats are losing six more incumbents due to term limits.

Party As of April 2015
     Democratic Party 37
     Republican Party 28
Total 65

Louis Jacobson, a staff writer for PolitiFact, rates the Colorado House of Representatives as likely to remain in Democratic hands, although a change in party control is possible. The main factor he gives in the Democrats' favor is that it will be difficult for Republicans to defeat enough Democratic incumbents to take back the house.[1] Colorado's term limits may make this difficult task a little bit easier for Colorado Republicans.

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