In Nevada House of Representatives, more Democrats than Republicans feel impact of term limits

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August 18, 2010

Harry Mortenson, who is ineligible to run for Nevada House of Representatives because of term limits. Mortenson has represented the 42nd District since 1996

By Tyler King

Nevada voters approved Question 9A in 1996. Question 9A was a second vote on a term limits amendment first approved in 1994. Alone among the states with ballot initiatives, Nevada voters must approve a proposed constitutional amendment twice before it goes into the Nevada Constitution. The 1994 and 1996 votes cumulatively led to Paragraph 2 of Section 3 of Article 4 of the Nevada Constitution, which says, "No person may be elected or appointed as a member of the Assembly who has served in that Office, or at the expiration of his current term if he is so serving will have served, 12 years or more, from any district of this State." In 2010, the effects of Question 9A will impact more Democrats than Republicans.

Democratic state representative Barbara Buckley, Bernard Anderson, Ellen Koivisto, Harry Mortenson, Jerry Claborn, Kathy McClain, Mark Manendo, Morse Arberry, Jr., and Sheila Leslie are ineligible to run for re-election to the Nevada House of Representatives in 2010, as is Republican state representative John Carpenter.

Democrats hold a 14-seat advantage over Republicans going into the November 2 election, but the Republicans' chances of taking control of the chamber may be helped by the fact that Democrats are losing eight more incumbents due to term limits.

Party As of October 2014
     Democratic Party 26
     Republican Party 15
     Vacancy 1
Total 42

Louis Jacobson, a staff writer for PolitiFact, rates the Nevada House of Representatives as likely remaining in Democratic control after the November 2, 2010 election. With a 2-to-1 Democratic margin, the Assembly looks fairly solid for the Democrats, though the GOP could gain enough seats to end the Democrats’ veto-override majority.[1]

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