In New Jersey's 9th, Pascrell and Rothman receive a fact-check

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March 30, 2012

New Jersey: As incumbent Reps. Bill Pascrell and Steve Rothman square off for the newly drawn 9th District of New Jersey, a journalism project has rated some campaign claims by each candidate. Run by the New Jersey Star-Ledger, PolitiFactNJ offers a "Truth-o-Meter" of politicians' statements.[1]

According to PolitiFactNJ, both Pascrell and Rothman have made false claims on the campaign. The two representatives, both Democrats, have misrepresented each others' voting records, PolitiFactNJ reports. Pascrell said Rothman voted against the auto bailout, but PolitiFact rates this as "half-true," because Rothman voted against the bill when it was targeted at financial institutions, not automakers. For his part, Rothman stated that his opponent had voted down a health care public option, and PolitiFactNJ says Pascrell voted for a health care bill that included the public option.[1]

New Jersey's primary is on June 5. Democratic voters will then decide whether Rothman or Pascrell will run in the general election for the new 9th District.

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