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In nationally notorious Bell, recall organizers have enough signatures

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October 1, 2010

BASTA supporters celebrating September arrests.
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BELL, California: Recall organizers in Bell, California, say they have collected more than enough signatures on petitions to force a recall vote on Oscar Hernandez, who is the mayor of Bell, and Teresa Jacobo, Luis Artiga and George Mirabal, who are members of Bell's city council.[1]

Hernandez, Jacobo, Artiga and Mirabal each drew salaries around $100,000 as city council members. That, and the salary of over $800,000 they paid to a city manager, prompted a national outcry over the summer of 2010.

Notoriety and a recall may be the least of the worries of the formerly well-paid city leaders, who were also all arrested on Tuesday, September 21.[2] Four others were arrested as well, including two former city councilmen, George Cole and Victor Bello, former city manager Robert Rizzo, and former assistant city manager Angela Spaccia.[2]

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