Incoming Nebraskan government will face $750 million shortfall

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September 22, 2010

By Christopher Bedford LINCOLN, Nebraska: Private attorney, and former 16-year Nebraska Attorney General Don Stenberg (R), has returned to public life, launching his campaign for state treasurer. He will face Mark Stoj (D) in the election.[1].

“In these tough economic times, I think we need a state treasurer who has both the state government management experience and a background in financial issues, and I have both,” says Stenberg.[2]

Incoming officials, senators and congressman in the Nebraska state legislature will be walking into a very big job- dealing with the state’s $750 million or more budget shortfall.[3].

Stenberg and the legislature are serious, but optimistic, and will be aided in their task by Nebraska’s $300 million bank reserve and continuously steady tax revenue.[2]

“The fastest way to fix the deficit is to have a strong economy,” says Chad Wright, a small business owner and candidate running against incumbent Danielle Conrad for District 46 of the Nebraska State Senate[2].

The Legislature can make it easier, he added, by removing regulation that make it difficult to start a small business or afford to run one[2]. The Nebraskan Chamber of Commerce reports business owners are still cautious about the state of the economy.

“They indicate they’re having an OK year,” says State Chamber President Barry Kennedy, “but it’s not translating to new hires.”[2]