Incumbent state legislators that retired because of 2010 redistricting

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Every 10 years the redistricting process alters state legislative districts in the 50 states. By nature, this can at times lead to an incumbent's district being altered significantly by the process. The incumbent is faced with three choices:
  • Move to a new home that in either their old district or a new district
  • Run for election in an entirely new district as a challenger
  • Do not run for re-election at all

This page details the state legislators who have opted not to seek re-election to the chamber in which they are an incumbent. The names on this page are somewhat subjective and unlikely to be comprehensive. For example, a legislator could resign and claim that redistricting had nothing to do with it. Or a legislator could resign because of the redistricting map but never make any mention of that, and thus, Ballotpedia staff would have no way of ascertaining that information. Thus, the names on this page are simply a product of those found in news stories that made it quite clear why the incumbent chose not to seek re-election.

List of incumbents


State Senate

James AlesiEnds.png Republican New York Senate District 55
Joe HaynesElectiondot.png Democratic Tennessee State Senate District 20
Larry BomkeEnds.png Republican Illinois State Senate District 50
Linda GarrouElectiondot.png Democratic North Carolina State Senate District 32
Margarita PrenticeElectiondot.png Democratic Washington State Senate District 11
Melinda SmyserEnds.png Republican Idaho State Senate District 11
Roy HerronElectiondot.png Democratic Tennessee State Senate District 24
Sam BlakesleeEnds.png Republican California State Senate District 15
Tony StricklandEnds.png Republican U.S. House, California, District 25

State House

[[Alyson Lewis|]]
Andrew KerrElectiondot.png Democratic Colorado State Senate, District 22
Harry TindellElectiondot.png Democratic Tennessee House of Representatives District 13
Joe HackneyElectiondot.png Democratic North Carolina House of Representatives District 54
Jon BeckerEnds.png Republican Colorado House of Representatives District, 65
Kenneth SummersEnds.png Republican Colorado House of Representatives District 22
Paul AdamsEnds.png Republican Massachusetts House of Representatives, Seventeenth Essex District
Roger WilsonElectiondot.png Democratic Colorado House of Representatives District 61

State Senate

John GirgentiElectiondot.png Democratic New Jersey State Senate District 35

State House

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