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Indiana law banning state funding of Planned Parent Hood overturned in court

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July 31, 2013


By Josh Altic

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana: On July 30, U.S. District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt confirmed a previous injunction against a 2011 law that banned state funding of Planned Parent Hood. Indiana was the first state to establish a law preventing those enrolled in Medicaid from using Planned Parent Hood of Indiana and Kentucky as a Medicaid health care providers because they provide abortions. In the two-year legal battle that ensued, Planned Parent Hood argued that this law violated the federal Medicaid statute giving patients' the right to choose their own health care provider.[1]

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller issued a statement in which he said, "Although the legal challenge and the state's administrative appeal are at an end, it was important and necessary to defend the policy decision of the people's elected representatives in the legislature that Medicaid dollars should not indirectly subsidize the payroll and overhead expenses of abortion providers."[2]

The ACLU approves of this court decision. Indiana ACLU Executive Director Jane Henegar said, "This decision recognizes the rights and liberties of health care providers and the women they serve. We hope lawmakers will now see where federal law and the Constitution draw the line to protect individuals against government intrusion."[2]

Governor Mike Pence expressed disapproval of the overruling of the legislature, saying, "We're disappointed in the court's decision, we obviously strongly supported the efforts of 2011. I continue to believe and feel strongly that taxpayers should not be required to support the largest abortion provider in America."[3]