Initiative to Remove Parking Meters from Downtown Ventura, Measure J (November 2011)

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Measure J, an Initiative to Remove Parking Meters from Downtown Ventura was on the November 8, 2011 ballot for voters in the City of Ventura in Ventura County.[1]

However, on August 22, a judge ordered that Measure J be removed from the ballot.[2]

Measure J would have required the city to remove several dozen electronic pay stations it installed in 2010 along main streets and side streets in downtown Ventura. Altogether, 318 metered spaces are involved. The cost of installing the pay stations was about $900,000.

Measure J will also have required that in the future, before the city can charge for parking on any city street or city-controlled property, it must first obtain a 2/3rds supermajority vote.[3]


Supporters of the ballot initiative included:

  • Gary Parker, a downtown businessman who runs American Flags & Cutlery.[4]
  • Randall Richman, a Ventura resident.
  • Carla Bonney, a Ventura resident and a member of Ventura County Tea Party Patriots.[1]


Downtown Ventura Partners and Downtown Ventura Organization supported the meters, and therefore opposed the ballot initiative.[1]

Ballot text

The question on the ballot:

MEASURE J: Shall an Initiative Ordinance be adopted to remove parking meters from downtown Ventura; repeal Municipal Code Chapter 16.225 establishing parking pay stations and parking meter zones and replace Chapter 16.225 to provide that the City of Ventura shall not charge for parking on any street or city-owned property without a ballot election with a 2/3 majority approval; provided that any city parking fees enforced before January 1, 2006 shall remain in effect?[5]

Path to the ballot

The initiative qualified for the ballot through the collection of 10,459 signatures on petitions. 6,337 signatures were required for qualifying purposes.

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