Initiative to change California's term limits likely for November ballot

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April 23, 2010

SACRAMENTO, California: On April 22, supporters of an initiative to alter California's term limits submitted more than 1 million signatures to county election officials, making it very likely that the initiative will qualify for the November 2010 ballot.[1]

If this measure succeeds, it will amend Section 2 of Article IV of the California Constitution to replace the separate 8 and 6-year term limits on future State Senators and Assemblymembers, respectively, with a 12-year limit on combined service. Current and former members of the California State Legislature would not be affected.

Two other propositions have already been certified for the November ballot, one that would legalize marijuana, and another that would authorize the state to borrow $11 billion for water projects. Supporters of a congressional redistricting initiative have submitted their signatures and are waiting to hear from election authorities about whether their measure qualifies for the ballot.

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