Issue of gay marriage hits New Jersey

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November 12, 2009

TRENTON, New Jersey:With the defeated of Jon Corzine in the November 3, 2009 elections, proponents of gay marriage have reached a point of urgency, according to reports. With the ousting of the pro-gay marriage governor, who will leave office in the next few months, and the insertion of gay marriage opponent Chris Christie, New Jersey Democrats are hoping to pass a bill that would legalize marriage equality before Corzine leaves the reigns to the Governor elect.[1]

According to a contributor named “Caroline” in the blog, The Outspoken Liberal, "I really don’t want marriage equality on the ballot in New Jersey - this is why we must pass it before Corzine leaves office."

According to Sharon Soon, writer for the blog Conservatives With Attitude, "Many state Senate seats will be up next year, and following a loss like today’s, it might not be the wisest action for our Democrats to pass legislation on such an issue that is proven to be unpopular and controversial."

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