Jack Chiovatero recall, New Berlin, Wisconsin (2010)

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An effort to recall Jack Chiovatero from his positions as mayor of New Berlin, Wisconsin began in June 2010 and was ultimately abandoned.[1]

A group called "Concerned Citizens of New Berlin" led the recall effort. They objected to a housing development planned for the city center.[1]

Laura Karvala was an organizer with the recall effort. She said that Chiovatero was targeted for recall because he wasn't "working for the will of the people."[2]

Chiovatero, as a member of New Berlin's Plan Commission, voted for the housing development that was at the core of the controversy. When he came under fire for his vote, he sent out an email that said that New Berlin is full of "bigoted and prejudiced" people. That email caused a new round of controversy. Chiovatero apologized for his remarks and pulled his support for the housing development.[2]

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