Janet Peckinpaugh picks up Foley's endorsement in February 22 special election

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February 9, 2011

Tom Foley, Connecticut's Republican candidate for governor in the November 2, 2010 gubernatorial election, has endorsed Janet Peckinpaugh in the special election that takes place on February 22 in District 36 of the Connecticut House of Representatives.[1]

The District 36 seat was previously held by Jamie Spallone. Spallone stepped down to become a Deputy Connecticut Secretary of State under Denise Merrill.

In his endorsement statement, Foley said, "Most of us know Janet Peckinpaugh from her years as a Connecticut television reporter and news anchor. But you should also know she is a hard working, single mother who runs a small business and understands what needs to be done to make our economy healthy again. Janet understands that we need to spend wisely and create a business environment that encourages job growth and opportunity. She would use her seat to make sure the concerns of working people and business owners are heard in Hartford. We need Janet Peckinpaugh also looking after the interests of taxpayers who are paying the state's bills."[1]

Spallone is a member of the Democratic Party, and Republicans believe Peckinpaugh might win her race on February 22, leading to a Republican pick-up of that seat. That might happen, but if it does, it will have minimal impact on partisan control of the house, which as of February 2011, includes 94 Democrats and 51 Republicans.

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