Jerramiah T. Healy recall, Jersey City, New Jersey (2011)

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An effort to recall Jerramiah T. Healy from his position as mayor of Jersey City, New Jersey, began in June 2010 and was abandoned in February 2011 without submitting sufficient signatures to force a recall vote.[1][2]

A signature drive to collect the signatures necessary to trigger a recall election kicked off in September 2010. The signatures had to be collected and submitted to election officials no later than February 22, 2011.[3]

The recall effort was led by residents John Lynch, Riaz Wahid and Martha Larkins. They said they objected to how Healy has managed the city's budget, and the increased taxes in the city.[4]

Recall supporters organized a rally at Jersey City's City Hall on June 23 to protest the city's failure to produce and approve a budget in a timely fashion: "Let’s not wait until we’re 10 months into the fiscal year with money spent, facing another tax increase and at the witching hour to unite. Now is the time to get our message out and prevent any further increases."[5]

Path to the ballot

To force a recall election, these steps had to occur:

  • The city must review the proposed recall petition and say that it is acceptable for circulation.
  • Organizers must then collect signatures totalling a minimum of 25% of the approximately 130,000 registered voters in Jersey City.[6]

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