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Jim Wallace
Jim Wallace.jpg
Candidate for
Governor of Indiana
Prior offices
Commissioner of Hamilton County
Military service
Service/branchU.S. Army
Years of service1983 - 1987
Jim Wallace was a 2012 Republican candidate for Governor of Indiana in the 2012 gubernatorial election. He previously served on the Hamilton County Council and Fishers Town Council.

On February 24, 2012, the Indiana Election Commission voted 3-1 to remove Wallace from the May 8 primary ballot. In order to qualify for the ballot, a candidate needs 500 signatures from each of the state's congressional districts. Wallace fell 14 signatures short of that figure, despite having submitted 1,282 signatures. The Marion County Board of Voter Registration rejected 62% of those signatures leaving Wallace with just 486 signatures from the district.[1][2]

In Indiana, the governor and lieutenant governor are elected on a single ticket. Although Wallace is out of the gubernatorial race, he has said he would "absolutely" be interested in running on a gubernatorial ticket for Lieutenant Governor of Indiana.[3]


Wallace is a graduate of West Point and veteran of the U.S. Army. He has worked as a strategy consultant for Bain & Company, head of strategy for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, chief of staff of Conseco Health, and founder/president/CEO of TWG Capital, Inc.[4]


  • Kankakee Valley High School (1979)
  • U.S. Military Academy (1983)
  • Harvard Business School (1989)



See also: Indiana gubernatorial and lieutenant gubernatorial election, 2012

Wallace was slated to face Congressman Mike Pence in the May 8, 2012 Republican primary election, but was removed from the ballot by the Indiana Election Commission on February 24, 2012. Pence is now unopposed in the partisan primary, and will face former House Speaker John Gregg in the general election on November 6, 2012.


On his campaign website, Wallace outlines his position on a number of issues:[5]

  • Jobs & the economy: Wallace supports revising and expanding the Economic Development for a Growing Economy tax credit and changing the Indiana Economic Development Corporation to encourage proactive jobs development and target job growth at all levels.
  • Life: "No higher duty exists than our duty to God and life. I am an ardent defender of life and liberty, as supported by our fundamental rights under the U.S. Constitution. I cannot imagine a circumstance in which abortion is an acceptable means of birth control. We must ensure that every man and woman have the appropriate economic and educational foundation to prevent unplanned pregnancies."
  • Marriage & the family: "Marriage is an institution of faith, and we should trust our organizations of faith to define and reinforce the role of marriage and our families. Who has better experience to deal with matters of the heart, your spiritual leader or a politician? Not the politician. Let’s re-establish faith in the promotion of marriage and our families."
  • Local government: "Understanding that Indiana is a diverse state, I oppose the mandatory consolidation of county and township services, favoring instead local decisions to streamline local government."
  • Education: "I recommend creation of the Public Research Investment, Management, and Employment (PRIME) tax credit, a refundable revenue-positive credit, to establish incentives for (a) investing in the commercial development of research from Indiana colleges and universities and (b) employing graduates of those institutions."
  • Infrastructure: "I advocate creation of Project 500, a list of local infrastructure projects that will yield immediate benefits of economic development when completed. I propose to allocate roughly half of the current state surplus, $500 million, to communities around Indiana whose projects meet these criteria, so that they may complete the projects and accelerate job growth."
  • States' rights: "I commit to not only stand firm against increasing federal encroachment, but also push back against unfunded mandates, regulations, and other federal activities that are reversing Hoosiers’ rights and fundamental liberty. I will maintain this fight until the federal government returns to those functions specifically enumerated in accordance with the U.S. Constitution."
  • Public assistance: I oppose the consolidation of social services under a central statewide or federal authority. Instead, I support the continued role of the township trustee in administering poor relief, and restricting state responsibility to auditing those activities. Additionally, I support the establishment of drug testing for recipients of public assistance, and advocates for an increased role of our institutions of faith in the administration of aid."
  • Gun laws: The right to bear arms is a fundamental right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. I believe that no action should be taken to abridge that right."
  • Right to work: I believe the right to unionize and right to work are compatible. In conversations across Indiana I have heard from union members and non-union workers alike, and both believe that unions must demonstrate their value to members to be viable. I support the right of Hoosiers to decide whether or not to join a union."
  • Veterans & the military: I support the education, training, and family assistance of our soldiers on active duty, and the full scale of education, training, job assistance, and veterans benefits to those Hoosiers who have honorably served in the U.S. Armed Forces."
  • Immigration: It is the obligation of the federal government to ensure border security and compliance with associated immigration laws. We must work with our congressional delegation and pressure Congress to allocate appropriate funding and infrastructure to manage illegal immigration for Indiana and all the states."


Wallace lives in Fishers, Indiana with his four children.[4]

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