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Jimmy Bonds recall, Ogden, Kansas, 2010

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A vote about whether to recall Jimmy Bonds from his position as mayor of Ogden, Kansas, took place on March 9, 2010.[1] Bonds was removed from office.[2]

The recall efforts were led by residents who said the mayor was making decisions on his own and overextending his authority. City council members were also unhappy with the Bond, saying he had not followed Ogden's established government procedures. According to city council member Bob Pence: "Everything’s got its checks and balances and when you quit doing that it creates the problems we have now."

The mayor's recent controversial behavior was highlighted when he fired two lifeguards that he claimed were not at their posts. The lifeguards stated they were on an approved break. Pence stated that the mayor did not have authority to make such a decision.[3]

According to Riley County Clerk Rich Vargo, the petition accuses the mayor of violating city ordinances by appointing a council president without holding elections and firing city pool employees which subsequently lead to the pool’s closing. The recall committee has 90 days to collect 81 signatures to force the election.[4]

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