Jindal's education reform plan gets the go-ahead from 1st Circuit Court

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July 31, 2012

By Lauren Rodgers

BATON ROUGE, LA: A three-judge panel of the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Baton Rouge upheld a lower court's ruling that it did not have the authority to prevent Gov. Bobby Jindal's controversial statewide voucher program from continuing.[1] Jindal's voucher plan would subsidize some students who choose to attend private schools.

The Louisiana Association of Educators is one of the teacher unions attempting to stop the voucher plan, claiming both the law and the financing formula created by the law are unconstitutional. Before the recent ruling came down, a lawyer for the group sent a letter to schools that accepted voucher students, warning they could be sued for accepting those students while the case was pending a decision. In the letter, the lawyer explained "[o]ur clients have directed us to take whatever means necessary to prevent the unconstitutional transfer of public monies."[1]

John White, the Louisiana Superintendent of Education, cheered the ruling and condoned the approach taken by the union's attorney: "While we are happy for Louisiana's children that the ruling allows them to attend the school their parents think best, we find the kind of scare tactics used by the plaintiff to be shameful."

A hearing in the case is set for sometime in October.[1]


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