Jindal touts Louisiana conservatism at Conservative Political Action Conference

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February 15, 2012

By Lauren Rodgers


Washington, DC: On Saturday, February 11, Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal spoke to attendees of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). In this year's presidential race, Jindal endorsed Rick Perry in mid-September[1] and has not thrown his support behind another candidate since Perry's departure from the race.

During his speech to the crowd at CPAC, though, he didn't mention any of the Republican seeking the party's nomination the other candidates running. Nor did he spend a whole lot of time cutting down President Obama. Rather, he "used the platform to introduce his personal story and his political record to conservative activists."[2] In particular, he told the crowd that conservatives in Louisiana are proud to be "bitterly clinging to our guns and religion."[2]

Jindal is in the first year of his second term and will be prevented by term limits from seeking a third term in office. In 2011, rumors were circulating he might run for President, but he declined and reaffirmed his commitment to lead Louisiana for another four years. No official word from Jindal yet on what the future may hold for him after his governorship ends in 2015, but speculation abounds that he'll throw his hat in the ring for President in 2016.

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