JoDiane Cornwell, Robert Norton and Robin Sexton recall, Rudyard Area Board of Education, Michigan (2011)

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An effort to recall JoDiane Cornwell, Robert Norton and Robin Sexton from their elected positions on the school board of the Rudyard Area Public Schools Board of Education was launched in August 2011 and abandoned in January 2012 after failing to gather enough signatures.[1]

Reasons for recall

Herb Maloney initiated the recall drive. The recall petition accused the recall targets of failing "to address community concerns and to act fiscally responsible by hiring additional administrative positions despite several state budget cuts and state lay-offs.”[1]

Path to the ballot

Recall organizers needed to collect a minimum of 415 signatures for each recall target. The recall organizers submitted 459 signatures for Cornwell, 462 signatures for Norton, and 469 signatures for Sexton. 385 signatures were found to be valid on the Cornwell petition, while 382 signatures were valid on the Norton petition and 396 were valid on the Sexton petition.[1]

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