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John D. King

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John D. King
Candidate for
U.S. Senate, Tennessee
Bachelor'sMiddle Tennessee State University
Campaign website
John D. King was a 2014 Republican candidate seeking election to the U.S. Senate from Tennessee.[1] Incumbent Lamar Alexander, defeated King in the Republican primary.[2]


King graduated from Middle Tennessee State, and he is a businessman in Knoxville, Tenn.[3]


Campaign themes


King’s website highlighted the following campaign themes:[4]


As an American citizen, it’s still hard for me to believe our Constitution, the very framework of our governmental system, has become an “issue”.

It has been trampled on and side stepped in recent years by many including the President and other like-minded officials. The very fabric of our establishment, that has served our country well for more than 200 years, must be restored to its proper place in our government. In the Senate, I will fight daily toward the restoration of its authority and deserving respect. The assault on the privacy of our citizens, second amendment rights and family values must stop. “When a government turns from following the will of its people to willing its people to follow—acting according to its own prerogatives–-it ceases to be a representative government and instead has transformed into something else.” Dr. Ben Carson, America the Beautiful.


These three create a trifecta of looming destruction on our country’s economy, quality of life and future. Each is directly connected to the other.

The current administration and others in Washington have heaped more debt, through out of control spending onto our backs, in the last 6+ years, than all other previous administrations dating back to George Washington combined. Think about that. It’s not just a matter of raising taxes, although I would fight that, it’s about spending more than we could possibly bring in.

A huge portion of that spending is found in two very evident areas. First, sending tremendous amounts of money to countries around the world, where in many places, the majority of their population would like nothing more than to destroy us and our way of life. This makes no sense and must stop. Next, the ridiculous spending on “entitlement” programs. We are quickly becoming the largest “welfare haven” on the planet. This creates unsustainable debt, forces more burdens upon our working citizens and creates dependent servants to our system. Sure, it’s a guaranteed voter base for some. But tragically, it creates a pattern that keeps millions of men, women and children from reaching their potential. It keeps them from becoming self-reliant through discovering, cultivating and benefiting from their own God given talents. And as a side note here, we need to teach our children and young people HOW to think and not WHAT to think. It will make the difference between a life of “merely existing” as adults or becoming happy, prosperous and contributing members of their communities. Finally, if our government and many other employers can require drug testing in order to secure or maintain employment, then I believe it is completely reasonable to require random testing of those not working, yet receiving checks or any form of support from our government, aside from earned retirement income.


First, our government has no business instructing us how to care for our own families. The Affordable Healthcare Act has been anything but affordable and must be dismantled and repealed. It has been a train wreck from the beginning. It has been wrought with one lie and scandal after another. In fact, it’s already projected to cause the loss of 2.5 million over the next few years. As you may have read, millions of citizens have already been dropped from their previous health care providers. Those still with insurance are seeing great increases in premiums. And in case you did not know, under Obama Care, insured participants, whether they like it or not, will be contributing money to pay for abortions, through a small “under the radar” percentage of their premiums as mandated by the law. Healthcare is an area that demands immediate and purposeful attention to creating a workable solution that includes consumers making their own decisions, concerning their personal well-being and needs. Obama Care is just another example of a far-reaching government system that must be reined in.


Believe it or not, our economic problem is the largest modern day moral issue we face. We are technically stealing from our kids and their kids. Our debt and spending will be on their backs for their entire lives unless something DRAMATIC is done immediately. Having enough revenue is not our problem. Poor leadership and irresponsible spending is the culprit that is also prohibiting job growth. Do you remember when President Obama went on record to say that being 9-trillion dollars in debt was “Irresponsible and Unpatriotic.”? If so, does it not anger you that we have surpassed a record debt of more than 17-trillion dollars? In addition, we carry an estimated 90-trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities. And while many of us stand scratching our heads in disbelief, we get sucker punched again by our government by allowing record deficits between 600-billion to 1.4 trillion dollars. Please keep in mind that this is money our nation is BORROWING from China and other countries, AFTER they spend our tax money.

Can you guess where the largest amount of money is spent? It’s on Entitlement Programs. According to the Heritage Foundation, in 2012 entitlements were nearly 62 percent of total spending, while defense dropped to just over 18 percent of the budget. Also, the practice of “baseline budgeting” by our government is producing out of control spending that increases by huge amounts every year. This is unacceptable, unnecessary and irresponsible.

Good news is, with some BOLD action our plight can be corrected. There has actually been a solid Conservative plan on the table for the last few years that would balance the budget in 6-7 years without raising taxes. Unfortunately, there has not been enough noise from among our citizenry to get the attention of those in Washington dragging their feet concerning this plan.

In fact, it’s part of what Sean Hannity refers to as the Conservative Solution to solving our debt and deficit problem. It’s a three-part strategy I believe will work. His example is so simple and straightforward, I will share that model with you here.

Penny Plan. Cut one-penny from every dollar Uncle Sam spends. A Balanced Budget Amendment. We need a new conservative caucus that says NO to any and all deficit spending. Percentage Limit on any individual’s Tax Liability. A percentage limit on the amount of money government may take from working Americans. Is .35 cents out of every dollar you earn going to the government enough? What about .40 cents? Define that number, stick with and budget to it.


First of all, regardless of someone’s nationality, if they are in our country illegally, they are Illegal Aliens. Call it what it is. It’s also my opinion that no immigration laws, or amnesty of any kind, should be approved without FIRST securing our borders. Failing to do so over the past many years has created a far greater financial burden on our country than most citizens could comprehend and would keep any new reform from being effective. Don’t get me wrong, I believe our great country is the land of opportunity for many. However, if someone chooses to join us and pursue their dream of independence and prosperity, they must get legal, get a job and actually contribute to the system before pulling resources from it.


Freedom of religion is one of the basic components of the founding our nation. In fact, our founding fathers placed specific guidelines and efforts to protect and defend religious freedom and other God given rights. Their belief in God was evident and well documented. Through mostly an effort by the progressive liberal agenda, God is being pushed further away from our government, schools and in some cases, our communities. And we have paid a huge price in the process. Furthermore, we have allowed the enemy to successfully remove the Ten Commandments from our courthouses and prayer from our schools. This is wrong and unacceptable.

Unfortunately, we lacked enough men and women in Washington, with the backbone and courage, to take a stand and keep this and many other travesties from unfolding. As for marriage, I believe in what God clearly states in his word, that marriages are between a man and woman. That’s enough for me.


The ability to give birth is a precious gift made possible by our Creator. A child in the womb, regardless of size, is a LIFE and not a CHOICE. The number of little lives terminated yearly is a very large and sobering amount.

This equates to murder. It also has devastating psychological impact upon those who allow their child to be taken and killed. Obviously, they will eventually have to answer for their actions on a much greater scale than just our society. Finally, citizens of our country should not be forced in any manner to help fund or assist in such actions, as is the case with Obama Care. “To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.” Thomas Jefferson, March 4, 1804


Our public education system compared to other countries, sticks out like a hair in a biscuit. According to the Heritage Foundation, The U.S. ranked 36th overall out of the 65 countries that participated in the 2012 Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), which administered tests in reading, math and science to 15-year olds. Twenty-nine countries outperformed the U.S. in math. Nineteen countries outperformed the U.S. in reading. And in science, twenty-two countries outperformed the U.S.

With a decline in scores over the previous year, are we getting a fair return on our average 12-year investment per student of $120,000.00? For me, the answer is NO. Furthermore, the Common Core State Standards Initiative, which is backed by our current administration, is not the answer due to the cost and a one-size-fits-all education model.

The Heritage Foundation’s PISA findings support decentralizing education. In fact, in the PISA’s addendum to the main report, the authors observe that the highest-performing school systems are those that “grant more autonomy over curricula and assessments to individual schools” and that “systems where schools have more autonomy over curricula and assessments tend to perform better overall”: Since the early 1980’s, many school systems have granted individual schools increasing authority to make autonomous decisions on curricula and resource allocation on the premise that individual schools are good judges of their students’ learning needs and of the most effective use of resources.

Our education system does not belong in the hands of a few out-of-touch bureaucrats, whose own children would never walk the hallways of a public school. Our children’s education system needs to be returned to our communities, parents and teachers. Throw in the Pledge of Allegiance and a little prayer and we’re back on track. Remember, the quality of our kid’s education will help to sustain a functioning democracy by providing our country with literate, fair, and ability-to-think citizens. [5]

—John King,



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King ran in the 2014 election for the U.S. Senate, representing Tennessee. Incumbent Lamar Alexander defeated King in the Republican primary.[2]

U.S. Senate, Tennessee Republican Primary, 2014
Candidate Vote % Votes
Green check mark transparent.pngLamar Alexander Incumbent 49.7% 330,088
Joe Carr 40.6% 269,169
George Flinn 5.2% 34,207
Christian Agnew 1.7% 11,203
John King 1.2% 7,876
Brenda Lenard 1.2% 7,697
Erin Magee 0.5% 3,412
Total Votes 663,652
Source: Results via Associated Press

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