John Hampton, Chris Hampton, Jim Lehman, and Karen Miller, Potterville, Michigan (2012)

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An effort to John Hampton, Chris Hampton, Jim Lehman, and Karen Miller from their elected positions on the Potterville, Michigan Board of Education was abandoned in May 2012 after recall organizers failed to gather sufficient signatures.[1]

Reasons for recall

Kelly Antcliff organized the recall campaign. The catalyst for recall was the school board's vote to eliminate three full-time special education teachers. In February 2012, Ryan Garn of Charlotte attempted to launch a recall campaign aimed at the same four targets, but his attempt was stopped because Garn is not a resident of Potterville.[1]

Path to the ballot

The deadline for signature submission was May 4th, 2012. 501 signatures were needed for each recall target. None of the four recall petitions contained sufficient signatures to force a recall election.[1]

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