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Jonesboro is a city in the state of Arkansas.It is one of the two county seats of Craighead County, Arkansas, United States. According to 2010 Census Bureau, the population of the city was 67,263. A college town, Jonesboro is the largest city in northeastern Arkansas and the fifth most populous city in the state. It is the principal city of and is included in the Jonesboro, Arkansas Metropolitan Statistical Area. The Jonesboro metropolitan area had an estimated population of 115,830 and 153,427 in the Jonesboro-Paragould Combined Statistical Area in 2006. Jonesboro is the home to Arkansas State University and is a regional center for manufacturing, agriculture, medicine, education, and trade.[1]

Website evaluation

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Last rated on July 3, 2012.

The good

  • The current budget is available.[2]
  • The Mayor's and City Council members' names and contact details are posted.[1][3]
  • Meeting schedules[4], agendas, and minutes are available.[5]
  • Administrative contact details are available on individual department webpages.
  • Permit and zoning forms and codes are available.[6]
  • Open and received bids are posted.[7]
  • Revenue sources are posted in the budget.[2] Fee schedules are available.[8]

The bad

  • Archived budget documents are not available.
  • Audits are not posted.
  • Current contracts are not posted.
  • Information is not available on any taxpayer funded lobbying.
  • Information is not available on how to file a public records request.
  • Tax rates are not posted.


The FY 2012 budget by fund:[9]

Fund 2012 Revenues 2012 Expenditures Difference 01/01/2012 Fund
12/31/2012 Fund
General $34,563,030 $31,211,586 $3,351,444 $13,430,365 $16,781,810
Street 4,423,639 4,498,307 -74,668 4,226,427 4,151,759
Cemetery 46,600 51,000 -4,400 1,385,623 1,381,223
E-911 971,031 1,055,858 -84,827 574,965 490,138
Total $40,004,300 $36,816,751 $3,187,549 $19,617,380 $22,804,929

Public employees

Elected officials

The City Council's duties include managing the city's finances and property, approving or disapproving an annual operating budget, approving or overriding mayoral appointments and department heads, and setting employee salaries.[1]

The current Mayor is Harold Perrin.[1] Legislative duties of the Mayor include presiding over meetings and vetoing ordinances adopted by the council. Administrative duties include preparing and submitting an annual budget, submitting a fiscal year State of the City report, and administering the day-to-day activities of city departments. The Mayor appoints the police and fire chiefs with no city council say. The Mayor also appoints and removes department heads, although the City Council has the authority to override the Mayor's action with a two-thirds vote.[1]

Current elected officials include:

Name Position Ward
Harold Perrin Mayor -
Doug Reed Council Member 1
Donna Jackson City Clerk -
Charles Frierson Council Member 1
Gene Vance Council Member 1
Dr. Charles Coleman Council Member 2
Chris Moore Council Member 2
Ann Williams Council Member 3
Chris Gibson Council Member 3
John Street Council Member 4
Mitch Johnson Council Member 4
Darell Dover Council Member 5
Rennell Woods Council Member 5
Tim McCall Council Member 6
Mike Fears Council Member 6

Administrative officials

A department contact directory can be found here.


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Municipal officials' salaries are set by the City Council. Salaries may be increased during an officials' term, but not decreased.[1] The FY 2012 budget spends $18,388,173 on personnel salaries, an increase of $528,784 over the previous fiscal year.[10]


See also: Arkansas public pensions

City pension contributions for regular employees in FY 2012 were $356,570, down $270,611 over the previous fiscal year. Police and fire city pension contributions were $1,218,561.[10]


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Inspection, Engineering, Planning/Zoning, and Parks fee schedules are posted online.

Transparency & public records

Information is not provided on how to file a public records request.

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