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There are three aspects to this test: performing research on the wikis, performing research on the internet, and creating a new page with complex components. Upon completion of each element, add them to the section of this page called "Results." This test is timed; plan to spend a few hours on it. This test must be completed in one sitting. Note your start and finish times in the section below.


Before beginning the test you must log in to Ballotpedia. Please use the login provided to you via email.


Note your start and finish times here.

Start time: 2:10 p.m. Sunday, October 13

End time: 8:15 p.m. Sunday, October 13

Wiki research

Answer the questions below. Provide citations to your answers in proper wiki citation format. Please use pages on the wiki to find your answers.

  1. How many statewide measures were on the 2008 South Dakota ballot?
  2. How many states have a Lieutenant Governor? Which states do not?
  3. Who are the members of the Michigan State Senate Redistricting Committee?
  4. How many measures relating to Medical Marijuana were on the ballot in 1998? Which (if any) were approved?
  5. Who is the current representative for District 35 in the Texas House of Representatives?

Internet research

Answer the questions below. Provide citations to your answers in proper wiki citation format.

  1. Who is on the City Council for Sun Prairie, WI? When were they elected?
  2. What was the decision in the case of California State University, Fresno Assn., Inc. v. Superior Court in California?
  3. Who sponsored HB 477 in the Utah 2011 session? What did the bill do? What is it's current status?

Complex edit

For the final portion of the test you must construct a timeline page similar to the United States budget debate, 2013 for an issue of your choosing and include some vote boxes to showcase votes that took place on the issue. To start a page on the wiki please refer to Help:Starting a page. If you need inspiration on choosing an issue there may be some ideas to be found in Special:WantedPages.

When you have finished your page, please link to it in the Results section below.


In this section, add a link to the complex page you created. Also write your answers to the research questions here in a bullet-pointed list.

Start your research with Josh Green's Recreational marijuana legalization, 2010-Present.

Wiki research

Internet research

  • The City Council of Sun Prairie, Wisc., has a total of nine members, including Mayor John Murray, who was elected in April 2011 after serving two terms on the council, and eight alderpersons. There are two alderpersons elected to four districts. They are listed here with their district numbers followed by the date of their last election to office: Russell Fassbender (District 1, April 2011), Hariah Hutkowski (District 1, April 2012), Jonathan Freund (District 2, April 2012), Andrea Gage (District 2, April 2013), Zachary Weber (District 3, April 2011), Al Hoffmann (District 3, April 2012), Kent Orfan (District 4, October 2013) and Council President Mary Polenske (District 4, April 2012).
  • On July 16, 2001 California's Fifth District Court of Appeal ruled in the case of California State University, Fresno Assn., Inc. v. Superior Court. The case centered on a request for disclosure of public documents by the McClatchy Corporation's Fresno Bee and submitted to California State University, Fresno. The university had worked with private donors to fund a new sports arena in exchange for the use of luxury boxes. The Bee requested that the donors' names be disclosed. In the court's published opinion, it ruled that the university did have to disclose the documents because it was considered a public body, but the privately owned group of donors could retain the documents and would not be considered a public body even though it had partnered with the university.
  • Former Utah State Representative John Dougall (R-27) sponsored HB 477, the Government Records Amendment, in the 2011 session of the Utah House of Representatives. He was elected as Utah State Auditor on November 6, 2012. His co-sponsor on the Senate floor for the bill was Lyle Hillyard (R-25). The bill was passed by the Utah House of Representatives on March 3, 2011 by a 61-12 vote, it passed the Senate 21-7 the next day, and after an amendment process and concurrence vote, it was signed by the governor into law on March 8, 2011. The bill stirred controversy because it exempted state legislators' text messages, instant messages and video chats from available government records. The bill was repealed on March 25, 2011 after two weeks of public protest and outcry.