Judge clears way for Suarez recall vote

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June 16, 2010

The Anthony Suarez swearing-in ceremony

RIDGEFIELD, New Jersey: On June 15, 2010, Superior Court Judge Robert Wilson ruled that Ridgefield clerk Linda Prima had improperly invalidated a number of signatures on a petition to recall Mayor Anthony Suarez. When the improperly invalidated signatures were added back to the total of valid signatures, the judge said, there are clearly enough signatures to force a recall vote on the indicted mayor.

According to Judge Wilson, "...while some of the signatures may have been validly rejected, the Petitioner has nonetheless substantially demonstrated that they obtained the requisite 1,451 to compel a Recall Election."[1]

Recall efforts started after Suarez and approximately 40 other New Jersey politicians were arrested in July 2009 after a federal investigation revealed evidence of corruption and money laundering. Specifically, Suarez faced charges of accepting an illegal $10,000 payment.[2] His federal corruption trial is set to start in September 2010.

Suarez was arrested for allegedly taking bribes from Solomon Dwek. Dwek, who was in reality a federal informant, posed as a developer on the take.[3]

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