Judge strikes Arizona Clean Elections measure from 2012 ballot

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October 27, 2011


PHOENIX, Arizona: An October 26 ruling has left Arizona's 2012 ballot with one less measure

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Dean Fink has ruled that the proposed partial repeal of Arizona's "Clean Elections Act" be taken off the ballot, stating that it violates the state's single subject rule. According to reports, the measure would have banned public funding for candidates running for state offices, and would have also done the same to public funding in the City of Tucson.[1][2]

At the time the lawsuit was filed, attorney for the plaintiffs, Paul Eckstein, argued that if the 2012 ballot measure was approved by voters, it would repeal a separate program in Tucson where political candidates can ultimately obtain public money. Eckstein stated, "This question presents a subject that should be decided by voters separately."

An appeal is not expected from legislators who lead the effort for ballot placement, but another revised bill in 2012 legislative session will most likely be pushed, according to reports.

According to the current Clean Elections Act, public funds are provided to Candidate A if his or her opponent, Candidate B, is running on private funds and outspends them. If Candidate B spends more money than the public funds given to Candidate A, that would trigger additional public funding to Candidate A.

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