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Governor Jay Nixon

Jay Nixon is the Governor of Missouri. He was elected in 2008 and is a Democrat. For an extensive profile, visit: Jay Nixon on Ballotpedia.

Appointment process

In Missouri, the governor make a judicial appointment after candidates are recommended by a judicial nominating commission. After the governor appoints a judge, she or he must run for retention in the next general election more than one year after taking office.

Appointed judges

The tables below list the governor's appointees to the courts across the state. These lists are updated automatically with new appointments.

Supreme Court

NameCourtActivePrevious position
DraperGeorge DraperMissouri Supreme Court2011-2024Judge, Missouri Court of Appeals
WilsonPaul C. WilsonMissouri Supreme Court2012-12/31/2026Attorney, Van Matre, Harrison, Hollis, Taylor & Bacon P.C.

Court of Appeals

NameCourtActivePrevious position
MitchellKaren MitchellMissouri Court of Appeals2009-2022Director, Missouri Dept of Revenue
Gaertner Jr.Gary Gaertner Jr.Missouri Court of Appeals2010-2024Assistant U.S. Attorney, Eastern District of Missouri
GabbertAnthony Rex GabbertMissouri Court of Appeals2013-12/31/2026Judge, 7th Judicial Circuit Court
QuiglessAngela T. QuiglessMissouri Court of Appeals2012-12/31/2026Judge, Missouri Circuit Courts
AmburgLisa Van AmburgMissouri Court of Appeals2012-12/31/2026Judge, Missouri 22nd Judicial Circuit Court
SheffieldMary W. SheffieldMissouri Court of Appeals12/2012-12/31/2026Judge, 25th Circuit Court
Francis, Jr.William W. Francis, Jr.Missouri Court of Appeals2010-2024Attorney, Placzek & Francis
Clayton, IIIRobert M. Clayton, IIIMissouri Court of Appeals2011-2024Public Service Commission
HessPhilip M. HessMissouri Court of Appeals2014-2016Attorney in private practice

Circuit Court

NameCourtActivePrevious position
Van AmburgJames W. Van AmburgMissouri 6th Judicial Circuit Court2013-12/31/2020Associate judge, 6th Circuit
SuttonJanet Lee SuttonMissouri 7th Judicial Circuit Court2013-12/31/2020Associate judge, Missouri 7th Judicial Circuit Court, Division 7
ThompsonJames Carey ThompsonMissouri 8th Judicial Circuit Court2009-2014Prosecuting attorney, Ray County
CarpenterChristine CarpenterMissouri 13th Judicial Circuit Court2010-2018Associate Judge, 13th Circuit Court
KintzJohn F. KintzMissouri 21st Judicial Circuit Court
RenoGloria Clark RenoMissouri 21st Judicial Circuit Court2009-2016Associate judge, Missouri 21st Judicial Circuit Court
SherryThea A. SherryMissouri 21st Judicial Circuit Court2011-2018Associate circuit judge, 21st Circuit Court
Farragut-HemphillSandra Farragut-HemphillMissouri 21st Judicial Circuit Court11/19/2014-2016Associate judge, 21st Circuit Court
BeachDouglas R. BeachMissouri 21st Judicial Circuit Court2010-PresentAssociate judge, 21st Circuit Court
StelzerMichael F. StelzerMissouri 22nd Judicial Circuit Court2012-12/31/2020Associate judge, 22nd Circuit Court
WarrenDavid Gregory WarrenMissouri 25th Judicial Circuit Court1/2013-12/31/2014Associate judge, 25th Judicial Circuit
BallSanborn N. BallMissouri 42nd Judicial Circuit Court2010-2012
ElliottR. Brent ElliottMissouri 43rd Judicial Circuit Court2009-2016Associate judge, 43rd Circuit
RoundBryan RoundMissouri 16th Judicial Circuit Court2014-PresentAttorney, Mitchell, Kristl & Lieber
FinchamThomas C. FinchamMissouri 6th Judicial Circuit Court2013-PresentAssociate Judge, 6th Circuit Court
WalshJoseph WalshMissouri 21st Judicial Circuit Court2010-2018Municipal judge, Creve Coeur, Missouri
ChadwickDaniel L. ChadwickMissouri 43rd Judicial Circuit Court2010
EckoldDennis C. EckoldMissouri 6th Judicial Circuit Court2010-2012
WilsonPaul C. WilsonMissouri Supreme Court2012-12/31/2026Attorney, Van Matre, Harrison, Hollis, Taylor & Bacon P.C.
DuekerJoseph S. DuekerMissouri 21st Judicial Circuit Court2010-presentProsecutor, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney's Office
GarrettKenneth R. GarrettMissouri 16th Judicial Circuit Court2013-12/31/2020Associate judge, 16th Circuit
YoungsJ. Dale YoungsMissouri 16th Judicial Circuit Court2009-2016Attorney, Husch Blackwell LLP
TuckerFrederick TuckerMissouri 41st Judicial Circuit Court2011-2018Attorney, Tucker Law Office
BairdBrandi L. BairdMissouri 42nd Judicial Circuit Court2011-presentProsecuting attorney, Dent County
KanatzarJim KanatzarMissouri 16th Judicial Circuit Court2011-2018Prosecutor, Jackson County
BradleyMichael BradleyMissouri 13th Judicial Circuit Court2011-12/31/2018Chief counsel, Missouri Gaming Commission
BurlisonRex BurlisonMissouri 22nd Judicial Circuit Court2011 - PresentSenior staff to Governor Nixon
HarrellKevin HarrellMissouri 22nd Judicial Circuit Court2012-presentChief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Jackson County
ScheibeRichard ScheibeMissouri 12th Judicial Circuit Court2/1/2013-12/31/2018
ClaytonKenneth G. ClaytonMissouri 25th Judicial Circuit Court1/2013-12/31/2014Partner, Clayton and Anderson
BockElizabeth A. BockMissouri 44th Judicial Circuit Court2013-12/31/2018Assistant attorney general
HackettJames A. HackettMissouri 30th Judicial Circuit Court2013-12/31/2018
Burlison-HussErin Burlison-HussMissouri 11th Judicial Circuit Court2013-12/31/2018Attorney, Lohmar, Staebell & Burlison LLC
UnderwoodJoshua D. UnderwoodMissouri 34th Judicial Circuit Court2013-presentAttorney, private practice
CampbellPatrick W. CampbellMissouri 16th Judicial Circuit Court3/6/2013-12/31/2020Family Court Commissioner, Division 43
HarrellKevin D. HarrellMissouri 16th Judicial Circuit Court2012-12/31/2020Chief deputy prosecuting attorney, Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office
McKenzieCharles H. McKenzieMissouri 16th Judicial Circuit Court6/2011-PresentShareholder, The Accurso Law Firm
LangeMeryl L. LangeMissouri 17th Judicial Circuit Court2013-12/31/2014Attorney in private practice
KerrKristine Allen KerrMissouri 21st Judicial Circuit Court2012-12/31/2018Family court commissioner, St. Louis County
Warner, Jr.John D. Warner, Jr.Missouri 21st Judicial Circuit Court2012-12/31/2020Partner, Gault & Warner LLC
Wexler HornWendy L. Wexler HornMissouri 24th Judicial Circuit Court1/2015-2016Associate judge, 24th Judicial Circuit Court
CortesiniRonda L. CortesiniMissouri 25th Judicial Circuit Court2013-12/31/2014Attorney, Smith & Turley
NobleMichael W. NobleMissouri 22nd Judicial Circuit Court2013-12/31/2018Drug court commissioner, 22nd Judicial Circuit
WeirMary F. WeirMissouri 16th Judicial Circuit Court2013-12/31/2018Attorney in private practice
KealJeffrey C. KealMissouri 16th Judicial Circuit Court2014-2017Prosecuting Attorney, Jackson County
CarrierRon CarrierMissouri 31st Judicial Circuit Court2014Chief Counsel, Missouri Attorney General's Office
BurnettS. Margene BurnettMissouri 16th Judicial Circuit Court2014-2018Deputy Probate Commissioner, Missouri 16th Judicial Circuit Court
AngelesLouis AngelesMissouri 7th Judicial Circuit Court11/2013-PresentAttorney in private practice
WrightMichael S. WrightMissouri 12th Judicial Circuit Court2014-12/31/2018Prosecuting attorney, Warren County
OttoJalilah OttoMissouri 16th Judicial Circuit Court2014-PresentChief Trial Assistant, Jackson County, Missouri Prosecuting Attorney's Office
MacPersonCynthia MacPersonMissouri 44th Judicial Circuit Court1/2014-12/31/2018Attorney in private practice
FlynnPatrick S. FlynnMissouri 45th Judicial Circuit Court1/2014-12/31/2014Attorney in private practice
RedingtonThomas P. RedingtonMissouri 2nd Judicial Circuit Court2014-PresentProsecuting attorney, Marion County
HansbroughW. Ann HansbroughMissouri 6th Judicial Circuit Court2014-PresentAttorney in private practice
WatkinsNancy M. WatkinsMissouri 21st Judicial Circuit Court2014-PresentProvisional municipal judge, Clayton, Missouri
Shafer VAbe "Quint" Shafer VMissouri 6th Judicial Circuit Court2014-PresentManager/owner, Shafer & Welch, L.C.
Brehe-KruegerAda Brehe-KruegerMissouri 20th Judicial Circuit Court2014-12/31/2018Attorney in private practice
RodecapJanette Kay RodecapMissouri 16th Judicial Circuit Court2014-PresentAssistant prosecuting attorney, Jackson County Prosecutor's Office
HosmerDouglas Andrew HosmerMissouri 31st Judicial Circuit Court2014-2016Associate, Hosmer, King & Royce, LLC
PhillipsJennifer M. PhillipsMissouri 16th Judicial Circuit Court2/2015-2016Prosecutor, Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.
SullivanJames E. SullivanMissouri 22nd Judicial Circuit Court2/2015-2016Drug Court commissioner, 22nd Judicial Circuit
OwenJames M. OwenMissouri 30th Judicial Circuit Court1/2014-12/31/2014Attorney in private practice
ShepherdRachel Bringer ShepherdMissouri 10th Judicial Circuit Court2010-2018Member, Missouri House of Representatives
HeggieRobert HeggieMissouri 21st Judicial Circuit Court2015-2016Partner, Stewart, Mittleman, Heggie & Henry LLC
GormanGrant C. GormanMissouri 11th Judicial Circuit Court2015-2016Administrative law judge, St. Charles County

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