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Governor John Hickenlooper

John Hickenlooper is the governor of Colorado. He was elected in 2010 and is a Democrat. For an extensive profile, visit: John Hickenlooper on Ballotpedia.

Appointment process

In Colorado, the governor makes a judicial appointment after candidates are recommended by a judicial nominating commission. After the governor appoints a judge, she or he must serve at least two years in office before running for election.[1]

For more information, see: Judicial selection in Colorado

Appointed judges

The tables below list the governor's appointees to the courts across the state. These lists are updated automatically with new appointments.

Supreme Court

NameCourtActivePrevious position
BoatrightBrian BoatrightColorado Supreme Court2011-2025Judge, Colorado First Judicial District Court
HoodWilliam W. HoodColorado Supreme Court2014-2016Judge, Colorado Second Judicial District Court

Court of Appeals

NameCourtActivePrevious position
AshbyKaren M. AshbyColorado Court of Appeals2013-2016Denver Juvenile Court
BergerMichael BergerColorado Court of Appeals2013-2016Partner, Husch Blackwell

District Courts

NameCourtActivePrevious position
GonzalesMichael A. GonzalesColorado Twelfth Judicial District2011-2021Judge, Alamosa County Court
WestfallDavid S. WestfallColorado Seventh Judicial District2015-2016Judge, Ouray County Court
MacdonaldAndrew MacdonaldColorado Twentieth Judicial District2011-2021
DeganhartMary DeganhartColorado Seventh Judicial District2011-2021
ZenisekChris ZenisekColorado First Judicial District2011-2021Assistant district attorney, Boulder County
AmicoMichelle AmicoColorado Eighteenth Judicial District2012-2021Chief deputy district attorney, Denver District Attorney's Office
AlexanderWilliam D. AlexanderColorado Tenth Judicial District2012-2021Judge, Pueblo Municipal Court
LaBudaJudith LaBudaColorado Twentieth Judicial District2012-2021
CarlsonSuzanne CarlsonColorado Sixth Judicial District2012-2021Attorney, Lisa Ward LLC
StarrsElizabeth Anne StarrsColorado Second Judicial District2012-2021Attorney, Starrs Mihm LLP
PrudekMarla PrudekColorado Fourth Judicial District2012-2018El Paso County Court
MurphyPatrick MurphyColorado Eleventh Judicial District2013-2016Public Defender, 11th Judicial District
QuickDon QuickColorado Seventeenth Judicial District2015-2018Senior counsel, Beatty & Wozniak, P.C.
PilkingtonJeffrey R. PilkingtonColorado First Judicial District2013-2014Partner, Davis Graham & Stubbs
LangerBruce LangerColorado Twentieth Judicial District2013-2016Deputy District Attorney, Boulder County
LyonsShannon Douglas LyonsColorado Nineteenth Judicial District2013-2016Attorney, Otis Coan & Peters
DunkelmanPaul DunkelmanColorado Fifth Judicial District2013-2016
BrinegarMichelle BrinegarColorado Eighth Judicial DistrictDecember 2013-2016Chief Deputy District Attorney for the 8th Judicial District
HauseW. Troy HauseColorado Nineteenth Judicial District2013-2015Attorney, private practice
ClarkLaurie ClarkDenver Juvenile CourtCourt magistrate, Colorado Seventeenth Judicial District
AndersonEmily AndersonColorado Seventeenth Judicial District2014-2016Magistrate, Seventeenth Judicial District Court
McCallinAndrew McCallinColorado Second Judicial District2014-2016Assistant attorney general, Colorado
MeinsterAnn Gail MeinsterColorado First Judicial District2011-2021Magistrate, Colorado First Judicial District
ChittumRobin ChittumColorado Fourth Judicial District2013-2016Magistrate, Colorado Fourth Judicial District
DunkelmanPaul R. DunkelmanColorado Fifth Judicial District2013-2019Attorney, Carlson, Carlson & Dunkelman LLC
HerringerWilliam L. HerringerColorado Sixth Judicial District2013-2016Attorney, Greenberg & Herringer
SladeTheresa SladeColorado Eighteenth Judicial District2012-2021Magistrate, Colorado Eighteenth Judicial District
LyonsShannon LyonsColorado Nineteenth Judicial District2013-2016Senior litigation counsel, Otis, Coan & Peters, LLC
ButlerPatrick ButlerColorado Twentieth Judicial District2011-2021Magistrate, Colorado Eighteenth Judicial District
HartmanAndrew HartmanColorado Twentieth Judicial District2013-2016Partner, Gross Hartman
SchultzSteven SchultzColorado Seventh Judicial District1/13/2015-2016Attorney, McCarthy & Schultz
QuickDon QuickColorado Seventeenth Judicial District2015-2017Senior counsel, Beatty & Wozniak, P.C.
TigheLaura A. TigheColorado First Judicial District11/17/2014-2016Shareholder, Bayer & Carey, P.C.
VriesmanTodd L. VriesmanColorado First Judicial District7/1/2014-2016Of counsel, Montgomery, Kolodny, Amatuzio & Dusbabek, LLP
BrodyKaren L. BrodyColorado Second Judicial District4/28/2014-2016Attorney, Lowe, Fell & Skogg, LLC
BuchananRoss BuchananColorado Second Judicial District11/6/2013-PresentAttorney, Roberts Levin Rosenberg
GerdesKandace GerdesColorado Second Judicial District11/6/2013-PresentSenior deputy district attorney, Colorado Second Judicial District
KarnKim KarnColorado Tenth Judicial District12/31/2014-2016Deputy Colorado state public defender
ChaseNatalie ChaseColorado Eighteenth Judicial District6/6/2014-2016Co-owner, Shafer & Chase
MartinezFrederick MartinezColorado Eighteenth Judicial District6/6/2014-2016Attorney, Hall & Evans, LLC
ChaseBonnie McLean ChaseColorado Eighteenth Judicial District1/13/2015-2016District court magistrate, Colorado Eighteenth Judicial District
StevensDavid J. StevensColorado Eighteenth Judicial District6/6/2014-2016Attorney in private practice, Stevens & Eisenstein Law Offices

County Courts

NameCourtActivePrevious position
HaynesValerie V. HaynesPueblo County Court, Colorado2011-2019Assistant county attorney, Pueblo County
Billings-VelaLinda Billings-VelaTeller County Court, Colorado2011-2019Fourth District Attorney's Office
KeefeGerald KeefeCheyenne County Court, Colorado2011-2019Kit Carson R-1 School District Superintendent
WalzlDaniel A. WalzlAlamosa County Court, Colorado2011-2019Head, Colorado Public Defenders Office, Alamosa Region
Rowles-StokesCheryl Rowles-StokesArapahoe County Court, Colorado2012-2019Chief deputy district attorney, 18th District
LobatoDavid LobatoPueblo County Court, Colorado2012-2019Public defender, Pueblo County Public Defender's Office
VigilSamuel S. VigilBent County Court, Colorado2013-PresentDeputy District Attorney, 16th Judicial District
BroylesSusan BroylesConejos County Court, Colorado2013-2017
HolmstedtTawna HolmstedtSedgwick County Court, Colorado2014Attorney, Zeilinger Law Office
LehmanJoshua B. LehmanLarimer County Court, Colorado2014-2016Deputy district attorney, 8th Judicial District
StuartRyan J. StuartJefferson County Court, Colorado2012-2019District court magistrate, 1st Judicial District
WoodfordJean WoodfordJefferson County Court, Colorado2012-2019First assistant attorney general, Colorado Attorney General's Office
EctonKraig EctonLarimer County Court, Colorado2014-2016Deputy district attorney, Fort Collins
AchesonRuth M. AchesonMineral County Court, Colorado2013-2016Attorney, Law Office of Ruth M. Acheson
MorrisBennett A. MorrisMontrose County Court, Colorado2012-2019Senior assistant city attorney, City of Montrose
HuffmanJulie J. HuffmanMontrose County Court, Colorado2012-2019Attorney in private practice
EricksonScott T. EricksonSan Miguel County Court, Colorado2012-2019Attorney, Scott T. Erickson P.C.
KillinKimbra KillinPhillips County Court, Colorado2014-2016Partner, Colver, Killin & Sprague, LLP
EdwardsAnthony EdwardsSan Juan County Court, Colorado2014-PresentAttorney, Solo practice
NeugebauerTera NeugebauerSedgwick County Court, Colorado2014-2016Sheriff’s deputy, Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office
TaylorDavid Cooper TaylorGilpin County Court, Colorado2015-2016Staff attorney, 5th Judicial District
JacksonDonald JacksonOuray County Court, Colorado1/13/2015-2016Sole practitioner, The Cory Jackson Company
BerenatoMary Joan BerenatoLarimer County Court, Colorado4/30/2013-PresentMagistrate, Larimer County Court, Colorado
BrammerRay Ann BrammerLogan County Court, Colorado4/30/2014-2016Co-owner, Brammer Law Office, P.C.
CatanzariteNicholas CatanzariteGrand County Court, Colorado2015-2017Attorney, Peters Mair Wilcox

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