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Governor Rick Perry

Rick Perry is a former Republican governor of Texas. He was elected in 2000 and served as governor from December 21, 2000, to January 20, 2015. For an extensive profile, please see: Rick Perry.

Appointment process

In Texas, the governor makes judicial appointments. Before joining a court, the nominee must be confirmed by the Texas Senate.

Appointed judges

The tables below list the governor's appointees to the courts across the state. These lists are updated automatically with new appointments.

Opinions on selections

I do think he made historic appointments that will be influential for future governors for years to come, to know that a high judicial office should be open, regardless of ethnicity or gender.[1]

—Former Justice Wallace Jefferson, Republican[2]

His appointees reflect a very narrow way of looking at the law that invariably reinforces his pro-defendant outlook. They are not conservative from a legal point of view; they are conservative from a political point of view.[1]

—Jason Stanford, Democratic judicial campaign strategist[2]

Supreme Court

NameCourtActivePrevious position
WillettDon WillettTexas Supreme Court2005-2018Deputy attorney general
MedinaDavid MedinaTexas Supreme Court2004 - 2012General Counsel to Governor Rick Perry
HechtNathan HechtTexas Supreme Court1989-2020Judge, Fifth District Court of Appeals
JohnsonPhil JohnsonTexas Supreme Court2005-2020Judge, Texas Seventh District Court of Appeals
GuzmanEva GuzmanTexas Supreme Court2009-2016Judge, Texas Fourteenth District Court of Appeals
BrownJeff BrownTexas Supreme Court2013-2020Judge, 14th District Court of Appeals
BoydJeffrey S. BoydTexas Supreme Court2012-2020Chief of staff/General counsel, Governor Rick Perry

Court of Criminal Appeals

NameCourtActivePrevious position
CochranCathy CochranTexas Court of Criminal Appeals2001-2014
AlcalaElsa AlcalaTexas Court of Criminal Appeals2011-2018Judge, Texas First District Court of Appeals

Court of Appeals

NameCourtActivePrevious position
AlcalaElsa AlcalaTexas Court of Criminal Appeals2011-2018Judge, Texas First District Court of Appeals
McCoyBob McCoyTexas Second District Court of Appeals2003-201848th District Court Judge
HensonDiane Henson[[]]Judge, Texas Third District Court of Appeals
SpeedlinPhyllis SpeedlinTexas Fourth District Court of Appeals2005-2012District 408 Court Judge
BarnardMarialyn BarnardTexas Fourth District Court of Appeals2009-2018Attorney, private practice
FrancisMolly FrancisTexas Fifth District Court of Appeals2001-2018District 283 Court Judge
LangDouglas LangTexas Fifth District Court of Appeals2002-2018Attorney in private practice
Lang-MiersElizabeth Lang-MiersTexas Fifth District Court of Appeals2003-2018Attorney, private practice
HoyleBrian HoyleTexas Twelfth District Court of Appeals2006-2016Partner, Brown McCaroll, LLP
FrostKem FrostTexas Fourteenth District Court of Appeals1999-2020Attorney in private practice
SudderthBonnie SudderthTexas District 3521/2015-2016
MyersLana MyersTexas Fifth District Court of Appeals2009-2016District 203 Court Judge
GabrielLee GabrielTexas Second District Court of Appeals2010-2014Judge, 367th District Court
AntcliffChristopher AntcliffTexas Eighth District Court of Appeals2011-2012District 168 Court Judge
BrownMarc BrownTexas Fourteenth District Court of Appeals2013-2014Judge, Texas District 180
MassengaleMichael MassengaleTexas First District Court of Appeals2009-2018Attorney, private practice
RoseJeff L. RoseTexas Third District Court of Appeals2010-2018Judge, Texas District 353
BrownHarvey BrownTexas First District Court of Appeals2010-2018District 152 Court Judge
PulliamJason PulliamTexas Fourth District Court of Appeals1/8/2015-2016Judge, Bexar County Court at Law, Texas
KalenakDaniel "Eric" KalenakTexas Eleventh District Court of Appeals2011-2014Assistant District Attorney, Midland County
HuddleRebecca HuddleTexas First District Court of Appeals2011-2012Attorney, private practice
BrownAda BrownTexas Fifth District Court of Appeals2013-2014Judge, Dallas County Criminal Court
WiseKen WiseTexas Fourteenth District Court of Appeals2013-2020Judge, Texas District 334
JohnsonLeanne JohnsonTexas Ninth District Court of Appeals2013-2014Senior partner, Orgain, Bell and Tucker LLP
StoddartCraig StoddartTexas Fifth District Court of Appeals2014-2020First assistant criminal district attorney, Rockwall County
HughesSteve HughesTexas Eighth District Court of Appeals10/10/2014-2016Attorney, Mounce, Green, Myers, Safi, Paxson and Galatzan P.C.
SchenckDavid SchenckTexas Fifth District Court of Appeals1/7/2015-2016Attorney in private practice
NeeleyGreg NeeleyTexas Twelfth District Court of Appeals2015-2016Attorney in private practice

District Courts

NameCourtActivePrevious position
BryanBarry BryanTexas District 2172006-2014
NaranjoOrlinda NaranjoTexas District 4192006-2018Judge, Travis County Court at Law Number 2
WilsonRandy WilsonTexas District 1572003-2018Founding partner, Susman Godfrey L.L.P.
BurkeBill BurkeTexas District 1892003-2018Sole practitioner
MatthewsSylvia A. MatthewsTexas District 2812008-2018Partner, Andrews Kurth, LLP
GonzalezRuben GonzalezTexas District 4322009-2014
EmersonMelvin EmersonTexas District 1982009-2014Attorney, Kerr County
WillisJill R. WillisTexas District 4292009-PresentAttorney in private practice
PhelanPat PhelanTexas District 2862007-2014Partner, Phelan and Phelan, L.L.P.
ReyesRuben ReyesTexas District 722006-2016Partner, Hurley, Reyes and Guinn
SchildknechtCarter SchildknechtTexas District 1062001-2018Partner, Renner, Snell and Schildknecht
SaulRoland SaulTexas District 2222002-2014District attorney for Deaf Smith County
AntcliffChristopher AntcliffTexas Eighth District Court of Appeals2011-2012District 168 Court Judge
SmithJohn W. SmithTexas District 1612006-2016
MooreDan MooreTexas District 1732005-2018Attorney in private practice
ChittyB. Michael ChittyTexas District 4222004-2016Attorney in private practice
SatterwhiteRodney SatterwhiteTexas District 4412009-2014Attorney, Stubbemann, McRae, Sealy, Laughlin and Browder
KleinEdwin KleinTexas District 4202004-2016District attorney, 145th Judicial District
RakowDavid RakowTexas District 4392010 - 2016
BeckerScott J. BeckerTexas District 2192010-2014Assistant District Attorney, Collin County
RoseJeff L. RoseTexas Third District Court of Appeals2010-2018Judge, Texas District 353
MichalkLisa Benge MichalkTexas District 2212010-2018Partner, Benge and Sheilds LLP
SinhaMichael SinhaTexas District 3602010-2016Associate Judge, Texas District 360
ShadwickJeff ShadwickTexas District 552007-2008; 2010-2018
YantaRenee YantaTexas District 1502015-PresentJudge, 73rd District Court
BalidoJennifer BalidoTexas District 2912013-2014Attorney in private practice
PriceRichard PriceTexas District 2852010-2018Of counsel, Ball & Weed, P.C.
BakerCaroline E. BakerTexas District 2952009-2018Judge, Texas District 151
DeanSheri Y. DeanTexas District 3092010-2018Owner, Sheri Y. Dean and Associates
SchneiderMike SchneiderTexas District 3152006-2014Chief civil prosecutor, Harris County Attorney's Office
HenryBill HenryTexas District 4282005-2018
BirdwellWade BirdwellTexas District 3422010 - 2016Attorney, private practice
SinhaMike SinhaTexas District 3602010-2016Associate judge, Texas District 360
SchaapDan SchaapTexas District 472010-2014Attorney, Underwood Law Firm
BaileyJonathan BaileyTexas District 4312011 - 2016Attorney, private practice
HatchLes HatchTexas District 2372009-2018Attorney, Mayfield, Crutcher and Sharpee LLP
LoftinTrey LoftinTexas District 432011-2012Attorney, private practice
RushJames RushTexas District 2442011-2016
MedaryMary MedaryTexas District 3472011-2016
YoungbloodJohn YoungbloodTexas District 202011 - 2016Attorney, private practice
ThomasSteven ThomasTexas District 3562011 - 2016Attorney, private practice
Burch-ArkeenCourtney Burch-ArkeenTexas District 1282011-2012Attorney, private practice
WoodsonDanny WoodsonTexas District 762011-2012Attorney, private practice
GrubbsJoe GrubbsTexas District 3782011-PresentCounty and district attorney, Ellis County
HicksBill D. HicksTexas District 2432010-2012
WallaceR.H. WallaceTexas District 962010 - 2016Attorney/partner, Shannon, Gracey, Ratliff & Miller, LLP
LandrumMichael LandrumTexas District 1132013-2018
HartBrad HartTexas District 2302013-2018
WardWesley WardTexas District 2342012-2018Attorney
SmithBenjamin N. SmithTexas District 3802012-2016Attorney in private practice
CabanissKatherine CabanissTexas District 2482013-2018Executive director, Crime Stoppers of Houston, Inc.
GarciaOscar Xavier GarciaTexas District 3572013-2014Attorney in private practice
HofmannRobert HofmannTexas District 4522013-2014Presiding Judge, Child Protection Court of the Hill Country
StithDavid StithTexas District 3192013-2018Judge, Nueces County Court at Law
TijerinaJaime E. TijerinaTexas District 922013-2014Attorney, Kenedy County
KennonRick J. KennonTexas District 3682013-2014Trial Attorney
MathewsStacey MathewsTexas District 2772013-2014Assistant district attorney, Williamson County
EvansCatherine EvansTexas District 1802013-2018Prosecutor, Harris County District Attorney's Office
WiseKen WiseTexas Fourteenth District Court of Appeals2013-2020Judge, Texas District 334
DorfmanGrant DorfmanTexas District 3342013-2018Senior counsel, Nabors Industries
RummelLorina RummelTexas District 1446/13/2014-PresentAssistant district attorney, Bexar County
JaramilloMaggie JaramilloTexas District 40010/22/2014-2016Attorney in private practice
FranklinAlicia FranklinTexas District 3112014-2018Attorney in private practice
RuggTom RuggTexas District 584/2014-12/2014Attorney in private practice
McClendonE.L. McClendonTexas District 2582014-PresentAttorney in private practice
NevarezJesse NevarezTexas District 2312013-2014Attorney in private practice
ErmatingerCindy ErmatingerTexas District 4432014-PresentOwner, The Law Offices of Cindy Ermatinger
PittmanMark PittmanTexas District 3521/8/2015-2016Special assistant, U.S. Attorney's Office
MillerBill MillerTexas District 51/8/2015-2016Chairman, State Bar of Texas Law Practice Management Committee
BurnettBobby BurnettTexas District 502015-2016Attorney in private practice; president of Knox County Abstract Company
HaertlingTiffany HaertlingTexas District 4422015-2016Attorney and partner, Holmes, Diggs and Eames

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