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The Judiciary Committee is a standing committee of the Nevada State Assembly. Per Assembly Rule 40, the committee is made up of 12 members.[1]

Per Assembly Rule 41, standing committees of the Nevada State Assembly are appointed biennially by the Assembly Speaker.[2] The Speaker makes the appointments following the organization of the Assembly and the adoption of standing rules, which informs the Senate and Governor of Nevada that the chamber is ready to conduct business. Generally, minority membership is meant to be proportionate to that in the Assembly at-large, and is determined by minority caucuses and agreed to by the Speaker.[3] The Speaker may appoint alternate members for an appropriate length in the event of incapacitation.[4]

DocumentIcon.jpg See rules: Assembly Standing Rules


The Assembly Committee on Judiciary has jurisdiction over measures affecting primarily the State Judicial Department, justice courts, civil practice and procedure, remedies and special actions and proceedings, business associations, securities and commodities, certain commercial instruments and transactions, certain property rights and transactions, domestic relations, wills and estates, guardianships, conservatorships and trusts, criminal procedure, crimes and punishments, gaming, and measures affecting correctional institutions and the ongoing supervision of offenders.[5][6]



The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session.

Judiciary Members, 2013
Democratic members (8)Republican members (4)
Jason Frierson, ChairWesley Duncan
James Ohrenschall, Vice ChairMichele Fiore
Richard CarrilloIra Hansen
Lesley CohenJim Wheeler
Olivia Diaz
Marilyn Dondero Loop
Andrew Martin
Ellen Spiegel


Judiciary Members, 2011
Democratic members (9)Republican members (5)
William Horne, ChairScott Hammond
James Ohrenschall, Vice ChairIra Hansen
Steven BrooksKelly Kite
Richard CarrilloRichard McArthur
Richard DalyMark Sherwood
Olivia Diaz
Marilyn Dondero Loop
Jason Frierson
Tick Segerblom


Judiciary Members, 2009
Democratic members (9)Republican members (5)
Bernie Anderson, ChairJohn Carpenter
Tick Segerblom, Vice ChairTy Cobb
Marilyn Dondero LoopDon Gustavson
William HorneJohn Hambrick
Ruben KihuenRichard McArthur
Mark Manendo
Harry Mortenson
James Ohrenschall
Bonnie Parnell

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