June 7 California election, local issues to be decided

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June 6, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, California: There will be an election held in California on June 7 for 12 counties in the state. There had been some state issues that were supposed to be voted on as well on this date, but none qualified in time to appear on the statewide ballot. There are a total of 16 measures being voted on and 1 measure that is still in question, the San Fransisco Mayoral job question. There are just two school issues being voted on during this election, a San Bruno Park bond measure and one parcel tax question in the Hollister School District.

The Menifee Walmart Question has given rise to heated debates in the city of Menifee, where a vocal section of local residents do not want the Supercenter to be built. Walmart though was able to get the issue on the ballot by collecting the required number of signatures. The rest of the measures on the ballots deal mostly with parcel taxes on both the city and county level as well as a recall vote in Hercules against Donald Kuehne and Joanne Ward.

Stay tuned for vote totals following the election!
Political topics, June 7, 2011 election
Political topic Measures Total
City council recalls Donald Kuehne and Joanne Ward recall, Hercules, California (2011) 1
Gann overrides Kensington Community Services District Appropriations Limit, Measure E (June 2011)
Alamo Parks and Recreation County Service Area R-7A Appropriations Limit, Measure F (June 2011)
Healthcare Sierra Kings Healthcare District Lease and Sale of Assets, Measure G (June 2011) 1
Local election and voting laws Chico Municipal Elections in June Charter Amendment, Measure A (June 2011)
Bass Lake Joint Union School District Number of Seats on Governing Board (June 2011)
San Francisco Vote to Allow Mayors to Be Hired for City Jobs in Within a Year of Leaving Office (June 2011)
Parcel tax elections Wildomar Parks Parcel Tax, Measure D (June 2011)
City of Canyon Lake Parcel Tax, Measure E (June 2011)
Hollister School District parcel tax, Measure A (June 2011)
Trinity Hospital District parcel tax, Measure T (June 2011)
Sales tax City of Richmond Sales Tax Increase, Measure D (June 2011)
Mt. Shasta Sales Tax to Fund Library, Measure H (June 2011)
School bond elections San Bruno Park Elementary School District bond proposition (June 2011) 1
Zoning, land use and development Referendum on the Distrito Development in San Juan Capistrano, Measure B (June 2011)
Vote on Walmart Supercenter in Menifee, Measure C (June 2011)

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