KY Governor warns of possible $240 million budget shortfall

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June 29, 2010

FRANKFORT, Kentucky: Coming just weeks after a special session had to be held in order to pass a state budget, Gov. Steve Beshear announced Kentucky could be facing a possible $240 million budget shortfall. The money is part of a federal spending bill that did not pass due to a Senate Republican filibuster on June 24.

Beshear said Kentucky is relying on the measure for a six month extension of a federal Medicaid match that would last until the end of the year. Without the $240 million the program would bring, the budget would have to be rebalanced, a task which he said would be "horrendous."[1]

Last week, Beshear also signed HB 104 into law, designating the Corvette as the state's official car. Kentucky becomes the first state to have an official state car.[2]


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