Kankakee, Illinois

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Kankakee is a city in Illinois.

Website evaluation

Main article: Evaluation of Illinois city websites

The good


  • City council meeting dates and times for the year are posted clearly at the beginning of each calendar year and are easy to read.[1]
  • Agendas and minutes are posted.[2]
  • Public input is allowed at the main Monday evening city council meeting by making a request by the Wednesday preceding the regular Monday meeting.[3]
  • The public is allowed to bring audio, video or other technologies to record the city council meetings.

The bad


  • Agendas for the main city council meetings are posted as early as the Friday afternoon prior to the Monday evening meeting and as late as the same afternoon of the evening meeting. No committee meeting agendas seem to be online. Minutes of the main city council meeting are usually posted 30 days after the meeting. Committee meeting minutes - where most of the council discussion takes place - seem to be never fully recorded: a brief summary of some committee meetings is sometimes given at the main city council meeting.
  • The times and dates of numerous closed meetings have not been published on the website. The minutes of those closed meetings have also not been published on the website.
  • Public input at the city council meetings is only allowed by request (including the topic) five days prior to the meeting, which is two to five days prior to publication of the agenda. Alternatively, according to Municipal Code: Sec. 2-44. Council procedure: "No person not a member of the Council, except City officials, elective or appointive, shall have the privilege of addressing the Council without consent of two-thirds (2/3) of all members present."
  • At the first meeting of each month in an undocumented, unrecorded half-hour time period prior to the beginning of the city council meeting, the public is allowed to speak out.

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