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The Kansas Court of Appeals is the intermediate appellate court in Kansas.

Kansas Court of Appeals
Court information
Judges:   13
Salary:   $132,000[1]
Judicial selection
Method:   Assisted appointment
Term:   4 years


Court of Appeals judges ordinarily do not conduct trials. They decide appealed cases by reading the record of the trial, reviewing briefs filed by the parties and hearing oral arguments from lawyers. They research and review the law involved in the case, and then write an opinion which is usually published in bound volumes.

The members of the Court of Appeals sit in panels of three, at courts located throughout the state, including the primary courtroom in the Kansas Judicial Center. Each panel typically takes up 30 appeals over a two-day period every month. Decisions of the Court of Appeals are filed weekly, usually on Friday mornings.[2]


Judges of the Kansas Court of Appeals

Under a process signed into law by Governor Sam Brownback on July 1, 2013, nominees to this court are selected by the Governor of Kansas from a list submitted to him/her by the Kansas Supreme Court Nominating Commission. The governor's selection is then subject to approval by the Kansas State Senate. Under the previous judicial selection system, the Senate did not vote to approve or disapprove of the governor's selection.[3]

Supporters of the "federal process," including Governor Brownback, claim it encourages more public involvement than the previous process known as the "merit system".[3] However, critics of the new system claim it politicizes the process. They claim the new system makes it more difficult for Democratic governors to have their selections approved by the Senate, where Republicans have historically held the majority.[3]

Critics also object to the lack of transparency in the new process. Although the senate confirmation process is public, the initial selection of a candidate is done privately. The new selection system also does not require the governor to disclose the names of other candidates who submitted an application. Under the old "merit system," interviews of the candidates were open.[3]

Judges serve terms of four years. The mandatory age of retirement for a Court of Appeals judge is 75, but a judge who reaches that age mid-term may serve out the remainder of their term.[4]

One of the Court of Appeals judges is appointed Chief Judge of the Court by the Kansas Supreme Court.

JudgeTermAppointed by
Judge Steve Leben2007-2016
Judge Michael Buser1/28/2005-1/13/2019Gov. Kathleen Sebelius
Judge Patrick McAnany2/6/2004-1/13/2019Gov. Kathleen Sebelius
Judge Stephen Hill12/5/2003-1/13/2019Gov. Kathleen Sebelius
Chief judge Thomas E. Malone2003-1/13/2019
Judge Henry Green (Kansas)4/22/1993-1/13/2019
Judge Joseph Pierron1990-2016
Judge Melissa Standridge2/29/2008-1/13/2019
Judge David E. Bruns2011-2016Gov. Sam Brownback
Judge Tony Powell2013-1/13/2019Gov. Sam Brownback
Judge Kim R. Schroeder2013-1/13/2019Gov. Sam Brownback
Judge G. Gordon Atcheson2010-2016Gov. Mark Parkinson
Judge Karen Arnold-Burger2011-2016Gov. Mark Parkinson
Judge Kathryn Gardner2015-2016Gov. Sam Brownback

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JudgeElection Vote
GreenHenry Green (Kansas) 66.3% ApprovedA
PowellTony Powell 66.1% ApprovedA
HillStephen Hill 59.5% ApprovedA
SchroederKim R. Schroeder 61.6% ApprovedA
MaloneThomas E. Malone 67% ApprovedA
McAnanyPatrick McAnany 59.3% ApprovedA
BuserMichael Buser 58.9% ApprovedA
StandridgeMelissa Standridge 60.6% ApprovedA


JudgeIncumbencyDivisionRetention voteRetention Vote %
BrunsDavid E. Bruns   ApprovedAYes658,69175%ApprovedA
AtchesonG. Gordon Atcheson   ApprovedAYes617,26571%ApprovedA
PierronJoseph Pierron   ApprovedAYes654,83874%ApprovedA
Arnold-BurgerKaren Arnold-Burger   ApprovedAYes625,72471%ApprovedA
LebenSteve Leben   ApprovedAYes639,38872%ApprovedA