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Kansas House passes health care amendment, Senate vote uncertain

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February 14, 2011


TOPEKA, Kansas: The Kansas House of Representatives passed a proposed health care amendment on February 11, 2011, sending the measure to the Kansas State Senate for a vote. The measure, which was first introduced in January 2010 to the state legislature, would exempt residents of Kansas from national mandates passed by the United States Congress that requires individuals to buy health care or mandate that employers provide it to their employees. In addition, the proposed amendment would guarantee that health care providers would receive direct payment from patients, and would be free of liability of fines and penalties.

However, uncertainty looms for the measure, as reports out of the state predict an unconquerable hurdle in the Senate. Senate President Stephen Morris stated, "My impression is that a majority of the people in the Senate would just as soon wait to see what happens in the judicial system, instead of us trying to gin up a constitutional amendment."[1]

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