Kansas judicial elections, 2014

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Kansas judicial elections, 2014
Total candidates: 115
Primary candidates: 42
General election candidates: 105
Incumbents: 99
Incumbent success rate: 99%
Competition - general election
Percent of candidates in contested races: 2%
Percent uncontested: 30%
Percent retention: 68%
Partisan victories
Republican Button-Red.svg 21
Democratic Button-Blue.svg 11
Judicial Elections
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The Kansas judicial elections consist of partisan and retention elections.

There were a total of 105 candidates in the general election. Seventy-two judges ran for retention. There was only one contested race in the general.

See: Kansas elections summary, 2014.

Election dates

  • June 1: Filing deadline (district court)
  • August 4: Filing deadline (retention)
  • August 5: Primary
  • November 4: General election[1][2][3]

In addition to candidate lists, this page includes information about how the state's judicial elections work, as well as articles about notable news in races across the state.

General election: Contested races

(I) denotes incumbent

District 18, Division 5


The following judges must face a retention election in order to keep their seat. In such elections, the incumbent judge is not being evaluated against an opponent. Rather, he or she simply receives votes of "yes" to retain or "no", do not retain.

Appellate courts

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Kansas Supreme CourtEric Rosen 52.7% ApprovedA
Kansas Court of AppealsHenry Green (Kansas) 66.3% ApprovedA
Kansas Court of AppealsKim R. Schroeder 61.6% ApprovedA
Kansas Supreme CourtLee Johnson 52.6% ApprovedA
Kansas Court of AppealsMelissa Standridge 60.6% ApprovedA
Kansas Court of AppealsMichael Buser 58.9% ApprovedA
Kansas Court of AppealsPatrick McAnany 59.3% ApprovedA
Kansas Court of AppealsStephen Hill 59.5% ApprovedA
Kansas Court of AppealsThomas E. Malone 67% ApprovedA
Kansas Court of AppealsTony Powell 66.1% ApprovedA

Trial courts

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Kansas Sixth Judicial DistrictAmy Harth 64.6% ApprovedA
Kansas Eighth Judicial DistrictBenjamin J. Sexton 74.7% ApprovedA
Kansas Third Judicial DistrictC. William Ossmann 63.2% ApprovedA
Kansas Third Judicial DistrictCheryl Rios Kingfisher 65.0% ApprovedA
Kansas Tenth Judicial DistrictChristina Dunn Gyllenborg 71.3% ApprovedA
Kansas Twenty-Fifth Judicial DistrictChristopher Sanders 77.6% ApprovedA
Kansas First Judicial DistrictDan K. Wiley 63.1% ApprovedA
Kansas Tenth Judicial DistrictDaniel Vokins 63.5% ApprovedA
Kansas Third Judicial DistrictDavid Debenham 63.3% ApprovedA
Kansas Tenth Judicial DistrictDavid Hauber 62.4% ApprovedA
Kansas First Judicial DistrictDavid J. King 62.5% ApprovedA
Kansas Twenty-First Judicial DistrictDavid L. Stutzman 77.6% ApprovedA
Kansas Thirty-First Judicial DistrictDavid Rogers (Kansas) 
Kansas Twelfth Judicial DistrictDebra J. Gronewoller Wright 88.6% ApprovedA
Kansas Twenty-Fifth Judicial DistrictDonna L. J. Blake 84.5% ApprovedA
Kansas Fifth Judicial DistrictDouglas P. Jones 84.1% ApprovedA
Kansas Tenth Judicial DistrictErica Kay Schoenig 63.4% ApprovedA
Kansas Third Judicial DistrictEvelyn Z. Wilson 64.7% ApprovedA
Kansas Thirtieth Judicial DistrictFrancis E. Meisenheimer 67.8% ApprovedA
Kansas Twelfth Judicial DistrictGuy R. Steier 75.7% ApprovedA
Kansas Thirtieth Judicial DistrictJames R. Biles 70.3% ApprovedA
Kansas Second Judicial DistrictJeffrey Elder 76.4% ApprovedA
Kansas Twenty-First Judicial DistrictJohn F. Bosch 62.7% ApprovedA
Kansas Ninth Judicial DistrictJohn Klenda 75% ApprovedA
Kansas Tenth Judicial DistrictKathleen Sloan 64% ApprovedA
Kansas Eighth Judicial DistrictKeith Collett 78% ApprovedA
Kansas Tenth Judicial DistrictKeven M. P. O'GradyApprovedA62.9% ApprovedA
Kansas Tenth Judicial DistrictKevin P. Moriarty 61.6% ApprovedA
Kansas Eleventh Judicial DistrictKurtis I. Loy 66.7% ApprovedA
Kansas Thirtieth Judicial DistrictLarry T. Solomon 69.1% ApprovedA
Kansas Eleventh Judicial DistrictLori Ann Bolton Fleming 65.2% ApprovedA
Kansas Eighth Judicial DistrictMargaret F. White 71.4% ApprovedA
Kansas Third Judicial DistrictMary Mattivi 63.2% ApprovedA
Kansas Twenty-First Judicial DistrictMeryl D. Wilson 78% ApprovedA
Kansas First Judicial DistrictMichael Gibbens 63.6% ApprovedA
Kansas Tenth Judicial DistrictMichael Joyce (Kansas) 70.2% ApprovedA
Kansas Tenth Judicial DistrictNeil B. Foth 62.1% ApprovedA
Kansas Eleventh Judicial DistrictOliver Kent Lynch 62.9% ApprovedA
Kansas Twenty-Eighth Judicial DistrictPatrick Thompson (Kansas) 72.7% ApprovedA
Kansas Tenth Judicial DistrictPaul Gurney 61.5% ApprovedA
Kansas Seventh Judicial DistrictPeggy Carr Kittel 76.3% ApprovedA
Kansas Fourth Judicial DistrictPhillip M. Fromme 62.3% ApprovedA
Kansas Thirtieth Judicial DistrictR. Scott McQuin 68.0% ApprovedA
Kansas Ninth Judicial DistrictRichard B. Walker 76.5% ApprovedA
Kansas Twenty-Fifth Judicial DistrictRichard H. Hodson 77.1% ApprovedA
Kansas Thirtieth Judicial DistrictRichard N. Raleigh 64.2% ApprovedA
Kansas Twenty-Fifth Judicial DistrictRicklin Pierce 71.3% ApprovedA
Kansas Eleventh Judicial DistrictRobert J. Fleming 65% ApprovedA
Kansas Twenty-Fifth Judicial DistrictRobert J. Frederick 75.4% ApprovedA
Kansas Seventh Judicial DistrictRobert W. Fairchild 77.3% ApprovedA
Kansas Thirtieth Judicial DistrictRoseanna Mathis 80.7% ApprovedA
Kansas Seventh Judicial DistrictSally D. Pokorny 75.3% ApprovedA
Kansas Twelfth Judicial DistrictStarla Borg Nelson 74.8% ApprovedA
Kansas Ninth Judicial DistrictSteve Hilgers 73.5% ApprovedA
Kansas Eighth Judicial DistrictSteven L. Hornbaker 72.9% ApprovedA
Kansas Second Judicial DistrictSteven M. Roth 75.4% ApprovedA
Kansas Tenth Judicial DistrictThomas Kelly Ryan 63% ApprovedA
Kansas Thirty-First Judicial DistrictThomas M. Saxton Jr. 74.4% ApprovedA
Kansas Tenth Judicial DistrictTimothy McCarthy (Kansas) 63.3% ApprovedA
Kansas Fifth Judicial DistrictW. Lee Fowler 78.5% ApprovedA
Kansas Twenty-Fifth Judicial DistrictWade Dixon 86.7% ApprovedA
Kansas Twenty-Fifth Judicial DistrictWendel W. Wurst 77.2% ApprovedA

General election: Uncontested

The following candidates were elected or re-elected after running unopposed in the general election.


Trial courts

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Twenty-Ninth Judicial DistrictAaron Roberts
Eighteenth Judicial DistrictBen Burgess
Twenty-Ninth Judicial DistrictBill L. Klapper
26th District CourtBradley E. Ambrosier
Twenty-Fourth Judicial DistrictBruce Gatterman
Eighteenth Judicial DistrictDavid Kaufman
Seventeenth Judicial DistrictDeb Anderson
Twenty-Ninth Judicial DistrictDelia M. York
Twenty-Second Judicial DistrictElizabeth Ensley Deiter
Fourteenth Judicial DistrictF. William Cullins
Eighteenth Judicial DistrictFaith Maughan
Twenty-Third Judicial DistrictGregory L. Gillespie
Twenty-Ninth Judicial DistrictJ. Dexter Burdette
Twenty-Second Judicial DistrictJames A. Patton
13th District CourtJan Satterfield
Fourteenth Judicial DistrictJeffrey D. Gossard
Eighteenth Judicial DistrictJohn Kisner, Jr.
27th District CourtJoseph McCarville
Twenty-Ninth Judicial DistrictKathleen M. Lynch
19th District CourtLaDonna Lanning
26th District CourtLinda Gilmore
Eighteenth Judicial DistrictMichael Hoelscher
Thirteenth Judicial DistrictMike Ward
Eighteenth Judicial DistrictRobb Rumsey
Twentieth Judicial DistrictRon Svaty
Sixteenth Judicial DistrictSid R. Thomas
Eighteenth Judicial DistrictTimothy G. Lahey
Twenty-Ninth Judicial DistrictTimothy L. Dupree
27th District CourtTrish Rose
Twenty-Ninth Judicial DistrictWesley K. Griffin
29th District CourtWilliam P. Mahoney

Primary results

For full results from the judicial primary, please see: Kansas primary elections, 2014.

There were seven judicial primary races on August 5, 2014.


Primary election

Only district court judges in districts that hold partisan elections participate in the primary. The candidate with the most votes from each party (Democratic or Republican) in the primary go on to represent that party in the general election.[5]

The districts with partisan election of judges are:

General election

Appellate judges and appointed district court judges participate in retention elections. Candidates in the districts above advance from the primary election.

In retention elections, judges do not compete against another candidate, but voters are given a "yes" or "no" choice whether to keep the justice in office for another term. If a candidate receives a majority of "yes" votes, that person is retained for another term. If not, that position will become a vacancy upon the term's expiration.[7]

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