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Kaua'i County Council Term Limit Extension (2010)

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There may be a Kaua'i County Council Term Limit Extension measure on the 2010 ballot in Kaua'i County.

This measure seeks to extend the term limits of council members, currently they serve two year terms but this measure would allow for four year terms. The county has tried before to pass this same measure, but it was repeatedly voted down. The county believes that if there is a longer term limit for council members then they would be able to better develop long term projects and not be as worried about re-election. But opponents believe that this would lead to a decrease in accountability of the council members. A further review of the measure was made in January.[1]

Commission members had until August 6 to turn in their proposed amendments to the county clerk's office. Another proposed charter amendment is changing the name of the county administrative assistant so that it is the same as the rest of the counties, managing director.[2]